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Manage Kubernetes Admission Webhook's certificates with cert-manager CA Injector and Vault PKI📝 🔐⛵️

Kubernetes Admission Controllers ⛵️

cert-manager and CA Injector 📝

Vault PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) 🔐

Installation 💻

Once you deploy Vault in dev mode enabled, your root password will be “root.” We’ll be using the commands provided in the official documentation of the Vault website. You can reach out to the commands and details on this page.

Do not forget to add config-admission-webhook-tls as a volume

Do not forget, you should leave the caBundle property empty of the webhook configuration.

How to monitor certificates? 👀

How to accomplish hot-reloading your HTTP server with renewed certificates without having downtime? ✨

🎯 Conclusion




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I do mostly Go, Kubernetes, and cloud-native stuff ⛵️🐰🐳

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