New Relic Dashboard & Integrations

Yusuf Özgül
Trendyol Tech
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3 min readJul 11, 2021


We can quickly monitor the Trendyol mobile app in the event of an error with New Relic. On New Relic Dashboard, we can monitor the error rates and network response time. So how are we doing these.

If you haven’t read our previous post about New Relic: New Relic Alert Policies

Dashboards are actually collected and grouped according to NRQL queries. We grouped by dividing application main pages.

For Example:
Awesome 1 > Home Page
Awesome 2 > Account Page
Awesome 3 > Detail Page

New Relic Dashboard

Dashboard chart consists of two metrics. Response time of the last thirty minutes and response time for the last seven days. This comparison varies according to how you prefer, you can make comparisons between shorter than long periods. You can create a graph with a query as below for the New Relic dashboard.

We created the Dashboard structure without platform, because dashboard is only for monitoring purposes. Errors and warnings are notified from Policy. Each policy has defined with platform specific query.

Sending Custom Logs

So how to send report to New Relic from our app. Trendyol IOS app has generic, flexible powerful event structure. We writed a blog post: Modular Event Tracker in Swift
We have adapted New Relic without making any changes because the event structure we use is quite flexible. Custom events, critical errors response from backend, critical error conditions from the logic. New Relic, not for marketing tracking, we use it to help us as developers.

Custom logs can show graph to dashboard. Custom logs can be graph to in the dashboard, it use very similar queries with the Error Rates or Response Time.

Slack Integration

New Relic policies may notify the alerts in a few options. Slack, Email or Webhook several of these. We are using slack because that is the most important part of our team communication. We created slack channels like our app modules, so New Relic can sends notification to the correct channel. You only need your channel Webhook link. It’s enough to add this to New Relic.

New Relic add notification channel
Policy notification settings

Slack Messages contains the useful information from incident. If the error occurring is now no longer occurs, New Relic sends incident closed message. Also message contains the incident duration and graph for incident moments.

Incident opened message
Incident closed message

In this articles, we have explained how we use New Relic for our Trendyol mobile app and which features of New Relic. Thank you for your read :)