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SQL Server Unattended Installation with PowerShell / No More Human Errors #IaC

a PowerShell automation script for SQL Server Installation

Hi everyone! In this article, I’ll show you “how to automate SQL Server installation with PowerShell”.

Before the script, I would like to mention infrastructure as code (#IaC) approach.
As a DBA, I set up and manage lots of servers (our team responsible 1000+ database server) That means, “welcome to the complexity and human errors world” :)

Human errors are lead to lots of problems in IT systems. We can prevent human errors with automation.

Why infrastructure as code? #IaC

  • No human errors
  • Easy change management
  • Scalability
  • Easy to use for any employee
  • No wasting time
  • Versioning

Now, I would like to share my SQL Server installation script. I generally use PowerShell for automation tasks. I think Powershell is one of Microsoft’s best products. Simple, flexible, powerful, supports cross-platform.

This script provides installing a SQL engine service, cumulative update and management studio to a local or remote server.

You can download the script from my GitHub page.

There are some requirements:

  • PowerShell 5.1 or above
  • dbatools module (
  • CredSSP authentication
  • Standard folder structure*
  • Active Directory environment
#The folder structure should be like this:<YourSetupFolderPath>        
-Iso files
-Cumulative update setup files
-SSMS setup files.
#My folder structure for SQL Server 2019

Here is an example of usage:

The next step is SQL Server auto-configuration with PowerShell. I’ll write an article soon.

Our team also supports to dbatools development.

Thanks for reading.
Ahmet Rende



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