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The fanciest way of releasing Go binaries with GoReleaser 😎

To install GoReleaser on your own machine please refer to the page.

🚨 Please let me tell you something that I faced with recently when I start to learn and implement GoReleaser for the first time in our project. When I start to implement it with my project, I did some research about the projects that are already using GoReleaser, so I copied some examples from there and tried to run it. The mistake that I did in the beginning is that I have used the same binary names for all the builds together with “no_unique_dist_dir: true” option. So, my Darwin build made Linux build obsolete at the end of the day because the names of the binaries are same. So, my recommendation is that please read all the documentations first in the GoReleaser website before diving into the implemention details so quick.

🚨 Don’t make your GitLab variables protected if your branch is not protected because you can’t read your variables if they are protected and run on a non-protected branch.




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