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The fanciest way of releasing Go binaries with GoReleaser 😎

Release Go projects as fast and easily as possible!

  • 🙅🏻‍♂️ Cross-compile your Go project (Darwin, Linux, Windows) automatically
  • 🚀 Release your project to GitHub, GitLab, and Gitea
  • 📦 Build and Push Docker images, also supports multi-platform Docker images with Docker manifests
  • 💬 Announce new releases on Twitter, Slack, Discord and Microsoft Teams, and many more…
$ goreleaser init
• Generating .goreleaser.yml file
• config created; please edit accordingly to your needs file=.goreleaser.yml
$ vim .goreleaser.yml # after editing save the changes
$ goreleaser check # check the sy
$ git tag -a v0.1.0 -m "My First Release"
$ export GITLAB_TOKEN=""
$ goreleaser release --rm-dist # test with --skip-publish --snapshot
and BOOM!🚀🚀
  1. But, first, how can we use GoReleaser as part of the CI/CD solution (GitLab, in this case)?
  2. How can we distribute our Go binaries for three types of OSs (Linux, Darwin, Windows) using GitLab Releases?
  3. How can we build and push container images to the GitLab Container Registry?




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