April 2019 Update — Arch Support

Rainier UI has seen some changes in the last month. We hope to release a new set of icons to the public next month. We’ve held off on releasing these icons because of compatibility — we’ve made the decision to support only newer versions of Gnome available on Ubuntu 19.04 for the time being to better test for future versions. This has not only made testing more accessible, but has enabled Kenny to bring Rainier UI Icons to the Arch User Repository. That’s right, you can now test Rainier Icons on Arch Linux. Please vote for us there, as it will help keep us in the AUR.

Rainier UI Icons running on Raspbian

We’ve also made a commitment to bring Rainier Icons to Raspbian for you Raspberry Pi users and tinkerers out there. No release date yet, but we assure you it’s coming.

We continue to receive messages for testing. If you want to test out Rainier UI, visit our GitHub page. You can find all Rainier UI related things there! Please continue to report issues and feel free to submit pull requests with your contributions.

We know this was a short update, but we hope to have more things for you soon.

Until next time. Thank you!