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November 2018 Update — Hello Contributors!

We wanted to start this update with many thanks to out community. We appreciate all the support that has been coming through our inboxes.

As we mentioned in the September update, we wanted to launch a new website for The goal of the new website is to bring all of our products and brand onto one platform instead of several websites. We are happy to announce that work has begun and you can preview the new homepage at!

We also talked about creating a style guide for Rainier UI. We will be releasing the icon guidelines in December. While our design team continues to create new icons, this guide will enable new contributors to join us in speeding up the development process.
More on this soon.

The question we continue to receive is “when will I finally be able to get to try Trenta OS?” and while we can’t give you an exact date, we expect to have a release to testers in the first half of 2019. We hope to keep you updated on as much as possible as we progress toward that release. Our team is growing and we continue to make progress — we are so happy to have the wonderful people that make up our team and contributors.

We anticipate to have more news for you soon.
Until next time. Thank you.


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