October 2019 Update — The Elephant

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3 min readOct 16, 2019


We’ve been quiet, and we have some updates. We’ve been continuously receiving your messages and trying to answer as many as possible. We’re going to make this short simple and sweet.



New logo. New identity. We think it’s pretty sweet.


Rainier UI Icons, yes that mouthful, has been renamed to Trenta Icons. Trenta Icons will move in place of Trenta OS as our main focus because let’s face it, they’re what put us on the map.*

New Products:

We’re introducing two new things. We’re taking our collection of wallpapers from Trenta OS and putting them online — Trenta Wallpapers. They’re just jpeg images that you can install on any Linux distro, Mac or Windows (though you may need more than a new wallpaper if you’re a Windows user, just saying). We will continuously update this collection. Next we plan to introduce Trenta Tools. We’ve always focused on creative work with everything we do and want to enable digital creators to have access to create without boundaries, especially financially. We’ll have more on this soon.

The Spinoff:

If you follow us on social media, you probably noticed Trenta.io has what they call a “spinoff”. That’s right, we’ve spun off into a new organization separate from Trenta.io called Trenta.Media. Trenta.media while completely unrelated to Trenta.io’s mission, we’ve been contacted over the past few years asking if we could offer our design as a service. For those interested, head over to trenta.media — and yes we love working with open-source projects.

The Elephant [in the room]:

We’ve received a lot of messages about Trenta OS. Our site has read that it has been discontinued for a little over a month now and that’s sparked some questions. While there are many reasons we’ve discontinued development of our Ubuntu-based Linux distro, it all really boiled down to one major point: Lack of support from the community: Our team of 2–3 are people like you who have private problems and have lives outside of the project — no corporation backing. Lack of contributors (interpret this how you would like) became more and more taxing. While we’re sure there was a silent majority that was patiently waiting with the occasional “I can’t wait” message, most of the messages we received weren’t exactly positive. We’ve received our fair share of entitled hate-mail that told us to deliver new or even old outdated builds. With each message, our team morale became weakened and the thought “why are we doing this?” came up quite a bit. Our team talked less frequently and development slowed until it eventually came to a halt. Would you work for a community that feels entitled to a product that they had no interest in helping bring to life? A free product that used to be a labor of love became another chore, but one without a feeling of reward. So after a little over 5 years, a lot of lessons, a lot of love (if this was you, we appreciate you), new friends and a pretty sweet user interface we’re pulling the plug — not indefinitely but for good.

That being said, Trenta Icons will remain maintained, we even just published an update that allows you to install them on 2019 Ubuntu builds. If you feel like helping, we need testers who can provide feedback. Together we can still make a pretty sweet icon theme.

If you’re working on a Linux distro and want to use Trenta Icons, just shoot us a message on any social media platform or contact us through our site. We’ll have an official link on our site at a later time.

A special thank you to those who did contribute throughout the process across OS, Icons, Web — all of it. Thank you. We hope to work with you again in the future.

Until next time,


*While you may disagree, unless you were part of the Trenta OS alpha test, your exposure to Trenta OS was limited to the screenshots and installations of Trenta Icons — which is most likely what drew you to be interested in our operating system.