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September 2018 Update — Rainier Icons are scalable.

Rainier Icons 2 packaged with Trenta OS

We are pleased to announce that Rainier UI Icons, Rainier Icons for short, has officially gone vector. Our team has been reevaluating focuses of as a whole since January and the first move was obvious — moving from a rasterized to vector based icon format. This move cut down the overall project file size by 85%, which helps with distribution, updates and more. Plus, the icons are now fully scalable without a finite resolution — no blurry icons on HiDPI monitors.

Wallpaper & Login Screen share a background on Trenta OS, we call it “Frostlock”

We’ve made quite a few updates to Rainier UI, but we’ll share more on that later. One of these changes is something we’ve dubbed “Frostlock” which we are sharing with you for the first time today. Frostlock will run in the background on Trenta OS and its job is to take your current wallpaper, “frost it over”, and apply it to the background of your login screen giving you a more consistent and familiar experience all around your desktop. We will have more to share on this later.

As we reach the middle of September, the team is looking toward expanding Rainier Icons, launching the new website, creating design and brand documentation and to have Trenta OS build specs polished by the end of the month.

This is one of our shorter updates but we think it’s a good one. A lot of work went into Trenta OS and Rainier UI in the past 3 months and we appreciate all of your support and messages that have reached us.

Until next time. Thank you.



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