And, because money does not grow on Sequoias.

Artwork. 2015.

When you get blinded by the illusion that was your parents’ or the government’s having your back unconditionally, or even in an unlimited capacity, as we had been led to believe when we were younger, we can’t escape the sneaking suspicion that maybe it’s actually that state of our thanksgiving and a thankfulness at having lived like it, that actually pulls you through the nuts and bolts of prime citizenry.

Suffice it to say, even in the midst of the grimmest circumstance of insane pressure at excelling in school, we have been atoned for by the comparative studies lessons we have undergone to sharpen wits to become analytical, and then eventually equipping you of an understanding to take up your deed in time-critical situations, to thinking before acting out of haste. Or out of place. Or worse, at any given person’s random command.

The economic development theories compared across countries, cities & major concentric systems it evolves would surround an overview of a grid that not only you could find in your will to survive, but instead having been conditioned & enveloped blankly in determination, to surpass the odds through a series of crises management markers. And having seen what desperate times can do to some - time also had single-handedly transformed people to grow up with fundamental values, that despite it all, wouldn’t need to exact a total veneration from its readers. Even in needing to conduct a following on an inevitable publish to a public extract, we can do without the socially excited generation of hype.

At all.

Did the knowledge shape us to become sensible, or we shaped it? Maybe it was that there are no real values being exchanged in real-time as perceived by these nascent systems - the old adage of “early days” can only mean to apply it to places that didn’t collaborate on a serious evolution that can only occupy those who’ve been mired in it to a saturation point that makes it a more powerful incandescence to those who had no clue. Making things known were the key to a shared existence, and a mutually evolving one.

The shock and awe of this exchange process of knowledge usually succumbs its audience a mutual adjustment to its tones, and naturally its cultural by-ways, but it is not new to see complete paces of uptake that rivals that of being compromised into a vile circumstance of culture-shock every now and then - as if someone had put on a pantsuit, and died to third-degree burns unexplained, without any solace of a return to a real life. We do not take too well to the (hasty) introduction of the foreign - even after being known to battling the longest journey to a generation’s salient passing in the hereafter. It also shocks people when there is a rootedness of a kindness involved in the exchange of pure knowledge, leading to the charge of change, and not sure why, but we’ll not attach that to money for now in this commentary on organic growth.

People either react to what we call excellence of spirit in two ways: 1/ shock and silence, 2/ never being able to recover the premise of trust in the first place. Though these reactions are tantamount to real (& not towards just a proposed dab of accreditation, or degree in the university of life) and authentic character-building lives of the mundane, others prospect it to have actually been mitigated by, or cooperated with a higher power.

Sometimes this helps us adjust faster, or comforts those at the mercy of its most onerous duty: to will it to become itself. Sometimes, process becomes asfixiated by the stoppering of what could most meaningfully be a rare ingot about to be melted, and moulded into what they knew was a masterpiece.

Hence the term, will be. The ability to migrate thought into action. The idea that we are co-creators, and are able to will things we think about, into something tangible, and possibly valuable in the exchange of monetary benefits in a society filled with offers and a long line of product list.

Others do not know it. Not even by name. Are these the ones who have never seen the promise of a tree? The surrounds of being a monk in a monastery is not just a pace, it’s a calming. We are brought to our halt positions when the inner hanker of what we initally perceive as “contentment” is not by any means controlled by an invisible hand. I think it may be a type of response, possibly a level above the knee-jerk reaction, given to one.

This natural alliance of action-reaction (postulating from newton’s physical laws of motion) coordinates all systems to exchange everything quite in a sensible order, quite miraculously if you actually gave it a real thought - the balance of the economy, the universe, the magma in the earth’s core that’s kept down deep and yet surfaces the most brilliant gemstones as a result of mineral deposits in time. What would we do without the government-grade arbitrarily assigned subjects of fundamental science and maths that had given us the previous findings to not make these mistakes again, or proceed into what they’ve left off?

Can we imagine life now without the invention of the kettle for ritual comforting tea-time, or without the discovery of the higgs-boson when we don’t know what keeps it together. The change of seasons reliably, once shifted by climate change, would be disaster for our time-honoured guarding of changing of the wardrobes, and all the time we spent in carefully considering the importance of learning, we will never be able to really socially or practically apply. Why has formal learning become such a bad thing? Don’t we put more money on the idea and thought and research, and refinement, rather than the creative execution of these? Wouldn’t we become nobel creatives as well, to be able to execute on someone else’s ideas, and theories? Or is there a fellow that could systematise it all, and prototype it?

And because money does not grow on those backyard trees you could see from your window, or become as commonplace as shoes, or are swept in a hurricane on a dropped collect call to Kansas, it chooses to live in a sweltering heat of a bank account that has your name and accountability.

And because the illusion of a limiting control that blinds, will then become a thing of the past with the seasoned learning that we all encounter minus the pressure of the entrance exam, the GMAT, and the sensors to intelligences that no one can be pivotally certain, you will banish that optical horizon that you were once contextually privileged to have viewed from afar. And replace it with a new hope of seeing the extended long-play of a future, and with you as the real fruit to your own money tree. And see yourself as you should, or had been.

Once upon a time. And oddly, (even) far, far away.

Here is the way to get there. (via @mapofthemoney)



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