Can Hustlers be Defined?


Are they not defined when they wear those masks? Or because we don’t see them?

All there is in Product Management, and mostly everything that’s been done before the communication synchronisation race to migrate information to their appropriate stations on digital platforms, commences with the definitions that do three main things to “production” workflows:




Task-finding in the age of global #treps: adjusting to their #global #desks, on whose #monster #jargon, #dynamic #context hitches a ride.

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Kristin MdashO

Kristin MdashO

@KrisSn • editor, OfHothouses&Breadcrumbs • social +eth-tech • nano-churner of /thésocialapothèkær/: café, arki, museo, art & design • & U nIか • Fndr @treptrips

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