Entrepreneurs, and their Unbreakable Boughs.

Photo from Maira Kalman’s 2015 illustration cover. (Something in our AboutUs pages, make us true.)

If they were archers, the treps today would be sharpening their aims by re-stringing or making sure their bowstrings were tight. If they were swimmers, or divers, or sailors, there are factors to their paths that also ensure that oblivion is averted, and primary navigation is automated. Or approved for mapping out the travels ahead.




Task-finding in the age of global #treps: adjusting to their #global #desks, on whose #monster #jargon, #dynamic #context hitches a ride.

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Kristin MdashO

Kristin MdashO

@KrisSn • Editor, OfHothouses&Breadcrumbs | Social+EthTech | Nanochurner of /thésocialapothékær/. Creative. Design. Product. | Fndr, @¡treptrips!

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