Social social.

(In platforms of Media, activation, norms of travelling, and elsewhere.)

Pictographically social, 2022.

September signals all our sensibilities, that even my allergies fail to dement my plans for Q3–Q4, and the mildly dropping temperatures of the southeast asian tropics in September, puts us in a mad lull and a shout short of a tropical wet, rainy afternoon’s indoor-vibing sogging work weeks to no end.

Colour-wise, i like to shift to my moody blues, and dark plums, fall colours in tropical print, seemed apropos.

Digressing into the shoppes that also exited their usual stations, that have been frequented around the area, and neighbourhoods are easily comforted a transition to the other scale of the *expat shopping zones.

Transitioning is never an easy scope. Covering my beat in areas of moving, in mobile, is also, in transit. (Einstein betwixted.)

The speed of moving, is without a doubt, directly proportional to getting organised, in terms of where do i go, to the what do i move, how, and to how soon.

Succumbing my sense of being organised is somewow touched on a cornerstone of survive, do not collapse, and (my most favourite) hydrate often.

Socials are, a tricky but sticky part of our lives.

It is as imperative as breathing, and maybe even, having a second helping of turkey and mashed potatoes at thanksgiving.

Social, is not green.

But it isn’t mocked up for itself, it is either a foundation to life, as in a community, or a way of life, as in sharing lives.

It’s not one of those concepts that become the bearer, or used up like a commodity that’s traded, it’s an intangible that valuates the bearer more, than it’s intrinsically really defined for.

PSo, to end this ramble, for me — this week is all about:

  • Contemplating the in-country, or across-continent moves.
  • Organising what to chuck, keep, or recycle with all my belongings.
  • (And keeping sane, amidst all the hullabaloo.)
  • Finding a corner of a space i can type in, while transitioning.
  • Seeing my friends, and squeeze in socials. After a huge deficit, shortly in the pre-&-post pandemic.
  • And prepare for the Q4 holidays ahead.

Socials, are obviously cornerstone to all our foundations, whether geared in commercial or foundational work, we all profit from being gathered, and joining in the solidarity of being pumped up for a greener, switched on, and brighter future.

And speaking of socials…. Shout out to *Robbie, dear friend of mine, who is turning 50 tomorrow❣️Hope he gains more friends to chill with, the sort he would love to go on short visits with, and the equitable time-off to enjoy stopping ot in their company, before we again become sat with more (imminent) work in 2030.

Some end-year housekeeping / i.e. *Stuff to note, before reading on:

  • This publication is not nascent or was borne to any workstation, incubated in JFDI (as well as the subtle pages), or to update the american WC/hotdesking wework zones in the city, it does not become an area of stagnant in accounting for time, nor space, but more of whichever felt like peaceful enough to help me finish what i started.
  • Articles have been written by me.
  • Contributory information, & by whom, will be made mention here.
  • (Since the start of late 2021-2022, articles are written from my iPad. So, please pardon the formatting mishaps.)
  • Contemplating a change in format, and website soon. And porting this should point you in the right website / or copied to the readers on this platform as well.

Thank you all for reading since 2014.



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