Startups that collect data.

The Tech Review’s CoVid issue 2020.

Change scientists versus data scientists: a review on their take on human -centred takes on AI, learning and being able to retract things that we make, extract, design and upload on the cloud.

This entry is mostly a brief introduction to a series of dive into what AI is mainly for — the humans or the industries’ bottom line. And what does it take to have a responsibly balanced automation programme.

And if, there is such a thing, as balance — and potentially understand more so we know what borders technology, business, and governance where we apply it all — with some identified human conditions unresolved.

(Pandemics included.)

There could be more questions, but that is the healthy response to something we know nothing about — and yet, commands or campaigns for so much of our attention.

Let’s listen. And read. Discern, And evaluate.



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Kristin éM

Kristin éM


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