The limitations of economy.

In europe, it is é dune buggy. In america, it is an off-road golf cart. In asia, it can be a tuktuk.

Does your Culture carry a plastic economy, or an elastic economy?

What keeps you from doing what you have to do? Or going where you have to go? And in some cases, knowing where you have to go? And what do you do to get there, to that stage, or place?

What is a plastic economy?

OH, it’s just another subject i had to take up in school. Um, not really. It’s a conceptual detailing of a country’s ledgers. Like, if it were to find a wallet in its treasury, and the world was accepting its trading its goods & services (on the whole) as its “credit card”, the economy would be it’s actual transactional configuration of that happening.

And a bunch of equations, signifies its being in “Macro economic” mode.

And a bunch of other equations, with a definite singular x,y grid to a “Micro economic” mode.

And, what is an elastic economy?

It’s, you guessed it, a kind of economy.

It suggests that in the x,y grid of any given economy, the lines you put on there (two points, at the minimum, make a line) would have equal lengths, or are in definite square proportions - where distance to x (from the point), is equal to distance to y, on all the points making up that line.

So, elasticity is technically being able to move at any length, at any point on your plotted line (navy blue zone), where these points make up the factors that enable you to grow, along the grid (and scale your business/ in an x, y scenario) or be able to move at any x (time, or monetary inputs), and have the same predictable output (y), at any given time, with all the factors given, within the same economy of scale.

Given a barrier dysfunction, economy is usually associated with scrimping or dosing down something, from a larger scale -the economy of words- would suggest that economising is a term used when actually limiting your evaluations of something, in the active sense. Like, when you ‘devaluate’ or water something down. And not as in, the economy.

It is normal to have barriers of anything, on any road or path, or without meaning to digressing the plans made, but there are usually barriers to the economy of empathy, and social confundity(when we are wubmitted to just live with things that we found are morally repugnant for instance), people would normally dismiss it with “because it’s european”.

But is it. Like the flu?

When we are accosted by what is not normal, or have come across concepts without meaning to, or without really knowing its full meaning full stop, Do you then:

🚄 Stalk them (to glimpse, and then form your conclusions then… more “accurately” after having gathered or acquired information, debatably illegally)

🚄🚅 Find a bank to grab money from, and become someone else’s worst nightmare? Even very possibly, by accident.

🚅🚅🚄 Get to point A to point B, using someone elses car. Without really knowing point B, personally.

🚅🚅🚄🚄 Find the answers in (and most unfortunately, from or authored by) someone else, and that is why you stalk them?

(Stalking is not an option here, btw. It is merely to point out using heavy sarcasm, of the clear desperation in tone to quote effectively mitigate a sense of decency in people who can not be told about holdingother peoples privacy in respect and immediate regard when building your dream homes, with large bay windows, for example: Any designs on impeding privacy is stalking.)

The options you have, are limitless in theory or in its planning stages. But the actual things you can do, are limited by physicality, and by extension, its actual probability.

This creates the prohibition of execution.

When solutions are Not achievable, that means it has found its own “brick wall”. Humans are confounded by this. And are either submitted to its reality, “as a barrier or a wall, to keep you from the other side”, or its proposition, “as a slight hurdle to get over”.

This “barrier dysfunction” is what keeps entrepreneurs from moving forward.

So, what do you do with something externally placed upon your way? Like most athletic doctors, sports therapists, or team coaches, they would goad, guide and try to grapple with the diagnostics of what ails you.

Depending on the depth of your relationships, and how you place in their “importance diaries”, you will be metricised, cajoled, poked and invited to proceed. The outcome of which will either exit or mould your intents to finish and be “a winner once more”.

The outcome of a barrier, would not be “getting on either side”, but it is precisely getting on the side you are Not on.

So why is it a Barrier?

It is a mental or physical incapacity, that drives you in a (series of) stases. And puts you in a pause, stop or halt, of what (or who) had been in motion previously. A stop sign (in traffic, this is because you are in an intersection probably and need to slow down), or a speed bump (on smaller roads, you are needing to slow down on a busy street school or private developments — usually after warnings of a pedestrian crossing or suggested speed signs ) to lower the risk of traffic accidents in a congested zone or area.

How do we proceed?

With a barrier, mentally or physically present, you need to find its “cause”, or find its extent. The physical one, can be sussed with your eyes — and find how you can get through the gate. Is it a height limitation, as in the sign (Max. Headroom), or is it a zone organisation (Quiet in the Library)?

Once you find the origin, or the reason why there is a barrier, you can proceed in your chosen mode of profundity, without being obstructed to become - or to get through to where you need to be.

(Or what this platform was to me in the 2013–14, not in 2017).

Physical, mental, or conceptual barriers, are not the only identified barriers in the walk of an entrepreneur’s life cycle. Many have ommitted the platform barriers, technology barriers, and all the tactical barriers in the environments they exist in. But the concentric circles that permit them to thrive in, are like the blooming onion that are refreshingly yummy when deep fried, and dipped in ranchir blue cheese, are semantically arranged to be organised, and in probablynot the same order, disorganised.

These pages, are either a post-event digress, or a methodology hashtag check of sorts, to trail the businessowners / treps of their daily but not exact their daily wages from them by flagging their IPs for copyright infringements. (That is not This.)

So without being much of a /polyAnna/ or a /Phoebe/, this is kept to a comfortable 4-sec read, every 22nd.

Thanks for the read, the trail, and the non-perfunctory judgment. Ciao. And, ‘till (the) next post pandemic social focus on people-as-a-Trep / — or clearly, in some cases, simply as a Trep-mentoring-for-a-Trep feature, each month.



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