Don’t miss Leetspeak 2016: Let’s Ship Stuff!

Martin Mazur
Jun 15, 2016 · 2 min read

Leetspeak is a conference by developers for developers. It’s an affordable, high-quality, community conference.

This year for Leetspeak we wanted to try something different with the theme. Because — let’s be honest — we as a community can sometimes get caught up in the latest and greatest and forget what is really important — getting things out the door.

As someone once said to me once:

“The code is not done until it is in production making me money”.

Granted that might be a bit harsh but there is definitely a point to it — we don’t write software for software’s sake — we write it to generate some kind of value — for ourselves, our organisation or someone we know.

But the fact is that we as developers can sometimes get caught up in the future and forget what is here and now. We like the new shiny toy too much without assessing it’s usefulness. In order to remind us all about what is truly important we have dubbed this years Leetspeak the “Let’s Ship Stuff!” year.

This year is all about getting things done and out the door with tools and practices that are available, useful and real! This includes battle stories, real examples of how real problems were solved and useful tools that you can use in your real projects.

Hope to see you this October at Leetspeak! Let’s Ship Stuff!

Originally published at on June 15, 2016.


tretton37 is a knowledge-based company that helps its…

Martin Mazur

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I work as CTO and general loudmouth at tretton37 with a huge passion for creating great teams and transforming the software industry.



tretton37 is a knowledge-based company that helps its clients achieve their goals by delivering customized & well-crafted software solutions. We at tretton37 believe in having a strong company culture that promotes craftsmanship and knowledge sharing.

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