Blog Post #4 #MillikinSMW17

This blog post is all about a blog that I follow, Style Girlfriend.

Since creating this blog, I’ve discovered a lot of great posts on Medium. However, there aren’t any blogs on Medium that I’ve been following super closely. One blog that I have been loosely following for the past couple years is Style Girlfriend. The blog is all about men’s style, lifestyle, grooming, and fitness. Here’s the kicker: it’s written by women.

Style Girlfriend was created for men by one woman who was frustrated with men who didn’t know who to dress; her name is Megan Collins and she is currently the editor. Since creating her blog, Megan’s team has grown to six women.

For this post, I read five posts from the month of February:

Why is Self-Care a Dirty Word for Guys
2017 Super Bowl 51 Style: Shopping Roundup
10 Men’s Snow Day Essentials
5 Days, 5 Ways: French Terry Jeans
Valentine’s Day Date Night Outfit for Guys

On Style Girlfriend, there are a couple of different staple post formats (5 Days, 5 Ways; “Occasion” Outfit for Guys; X Men’s Essentials for X, etc.) I purposely choose posts that were of several different formats for this purpose of this blog.

Before I go into specifics, I must say I am always impressed with a lot of the content on Style Girlfriend and I think Kawasaki, Fitzpatrick, and Handley would be too. Style Girlfriend has had the vanity url since I began following. All the blog’s social media handles are the same (@StyleGirlfriend or @StyleGF). The blog looks just great. Text is easy to read, pictures are large, and links to Pinterest appear when an image is scrolled over.

In Why is Self Care a Dirty Word for Guys, Collins is aware that some male readers may not be familiar with the term “self-care.” She explains self-care in layman’s terms, but doesn’t make the reader feel dumb while reading. She also knows her audience; many men are Drake fans, so she writes:

Well before Drake implored us, I’ve been taking care whenever possible.

2017 Super Bowl 51 Style: Shopping Roundup is divided into three sections: one for Atlanta Falcons fans, one for New England Patriots fans, and one for Lady Gaga fans. Under each section, some affordable clothing items are pictured (along with prices and links) to help readers create the perfect Super Bowl ensemble (and I will be purchasing this shirt that is listed under the Lady Gaga fan section).

The authors of our class’s texts would admire the Style Girlfriend team’s dedication to creating a discussion with their readers. Each post is concluded with a question. On top of that, the team is diligent about replying to readers’ comments. One comment on 10 Men’s Snow Day Essentials reads: “You left out the alcohol…” and Style Girlfriend responds, “haha, I thought about it! What’s your snow day drink of choice?”

Overall, I believe Style Girlfriend is creating quality content, which is confirmed by the blog’s strong following and consistent inflow of likes and comments. Kawasaki, Fitzpatrick, and Handley would all be impressed with the blog’s readability, ability to relate to its audience, use of trendy topics and posts catered towards holidays.

I think that I could share this blog with my social media followers. On my personal accounts, a lot of my followers are my fraternity brothers and they definitely need Style Girlfriend’s expertise. If I were to gain a more professional following, I’d still share the blog. I think Style Girlfriend offers a lot of great advice that most men need to hear.

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