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The Tokyo Banana
The World, in 540°

Recent surge in XP gains could massively boost Trump’s levels, experts say.

Trump could hit…

Minimum wages by state. (PBS)
  • Empirical data shows that minimum wage laws directly harm the most vulnerable workers and cause rebound effects that ultimately harm all workers.
  • Increases in the minimum wage harm low-skill workers irrespective of how “quick” or “slow” those increases are implemented.
  • Since racial groups are unequally distributed across incomes, minimum wage laws especially worsen African American and Hispanic American workers’ disadvantages.

University of Maryland Campus

My Car (Allegedly)


Ripped image from Google. Apologies.


1. Hard Carry

2. Mid Laner

3. Off Laner/Frontliner

4. Soft Support/Roamer

5. Hard Support



Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

The “Eric”

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