Triall and Ferrum Network launch an ETH<>BSC bridge for TRL

Nov 4 · 4 min read

We’re excited to announce the official launch of the ETH<>BSC token bridge for our utility token TRL. This is an important next step towards our vision of creating a multi-chain digital ecosystem to secure and streamline the development of new medicines. The bridge allows for cross-chain compatibility, enabling TRL token holders to swap in between platforms. To further promote the liquidity and tradability of TRL, Triall has listed TRL both on the Uniswap and PancakeSwap DEX.

Following the successful deployment of TRL on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Triall and Ferrum Network have now launched an easy-to-use, secure, and fast token bridge solution that enables TRL token holders to swap between Ethereum and BSC. Below we’ll explain how you can use the bridge to swap between networks

How to swap TRL using the ETH<>BSC token bridge

Here are the 9 key steps towards swapping TRL in between platforms.

STEP 1. Ensure you have a web3-compatible wallet (e.g. MetaMask). You’ll need a web3-compatible wallet to be able to interact with the bridge. The most common and popular web3 wallet is MetaMask.

For those that are new to crypto, here’s a brief guide on how to install MetaMask: (1) download the MetaMask browser plugin; (2) ensure the plugin is activated inside your browser; (3) create a new password and write down the Secret Backup Phrase in a safe place. MetaMask will now create a new ETH address for you; (4) Buy some ETH and BNB on your preferred exchange (e.g. Coinbase, Binance, Kucoin, etc.); (5) Send ETH and BNB to your MetaMask wallet address (make sure to double check your address so that your funds don’t get lost).

👉 Tip 1: Here’s an overview of web3-compatible wallets.
👉 Tip 2: Never share your password or secret backup phrase with anyone.
👉 Tip 3: Remember to double check the first and last 4 digits of your wallet address each time you initiate a transaction towards this address.

STEP 2. Visit the bridge. You can visit the ETH<>BSC token bridge by going here.

STEP 3. Connect your wallet. Connect your web3-compatible wallet to the bridge by clicking the ‘connect’ button.

STEP 4: Ensure you have enough ETH and BNB. You will need enough ETH and BNB to pay gas fees related to the approve (one-time), swap, and claim transactions required for swapping your tokens.

👉 Tip 4: Keep an eye on the Ethereum Gas Tracker and pick a moment where Gwei is relatively low if you want to minimize transactions cost.

STEP 5: Select the TRL token type you’d like to swap. Select the TRL token type (ERC20 or BEP20) and token amount you’d like to swap to the other platform.

STEP 6: Approve the bridge and confirm the transaction. The first time your interact with the bridge you need to click the ‘approve’ button to authorize the bridge to interact with your wallet. Your wallet will open a new window asking you to confirm the transaction. Click the ‘confirm’ button and wait until the transaction is completed. Be patient, this can sometimes take a few minutes. Please note that you will need to pay a gas fee (either in ETH or BNB) to execute this transaction. Once approved, you see a checkmark next to ‘Wallet Approved’ at the progress outline overview on the left of the interface.

STEP 7: Confirm the swap. Click on the ‘swap’ button to initiate the swap transaction. This will open a new window that shows a summary of your swap request. Click the ‘Confirm Swap’ button to confirm the swap. Your wallet will open a new window asking you to confirm the transaction. Click the ‘confirm’ button and wait until the transaction is completed. Please note that you will need to pay a gas fee (either in ETH or BNB) to execute this transaction.

A 0,5% swapping fee applies to all swap transactions. This fees is used to support the operation and maintenance of the bridge.

STEP 8: Switch network. Wait for the swap to be completed. Please note that this can take several minutes. Switch network to be able to claim your new TRL tokens on the corresponding platform by clicking the ‘switch network’ button.

STEP 9: Claim your new TRL tokens. Click the ‘Retrieve tokens’ button. This action will open a right-end panel showing the available items to withdraw. You can now click the ‘withdraw items’ button to sign the transaction and claim your new Triall tokens on the corresponding platform. Again, a gas fee (either in ETH or BNB) is paid to execute this transaction.

👉 Tip 5: You can automatically add TRL to your MetaMask wallet overview by clicking the ‘Add token to MetaMask’ button. Alternatively, you can check out this guide on how to add TRL to your MetaMask wallet asset overview.

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Triall brings Web 3.0 to medical research by creating a digital ecosystem of blockchain-integrated software solutions that secure and streamline the development of new vaccines and therapeutics during clinical trials. Triall’s solutions make clinical trials tamper-resistant, and enable secure and efficient integrations between the many isolated systems and parties involved in clinical trial processes. Triall’s software is created by clinical trial professionals to ensure optimal user experience, solving actual industry pain points.

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