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The 7 growth drivers of the Triall ecosystem

We often get questions on how we plan to generate exponential growth. Growth is at the core of every successful business, especially in the startup phase. In this article, we explain the unique mix of ingredients that support us with onboarding new clients, partners, advisors, investors, and stakeholders into our digital ecosystem for clinical trials.

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We strongly believe that the following aspects will support us in rapidly growing our digital ecosystem for clinical trials and thereby the adoption of our main utility token TRL:

✅ Token value drivers: the token economics of TRL are designed to limit supply and drive demand. The circulating token supply is limited through various token lock-up mechanics such as staking rewards, memberships, and vesting schedules. Moreover, we introduce a token burn policy to stimulate a deflationary trend where the total supply is expected to decrease over time. The token demand is driven by increasing token utility and adoption through the various growth drivers explained below (check out this article for a detailed explanation of token value drivers).

✅ Scalable business model & infrastructure: our tokenized Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-business model, API-driven infrastructure, and Agile development approach enable fast time-to-market, easy maintenance, and rapid scaling.

✅ Multi-sided platform dynamics: our ‘ecosystem approach’, where we connect, rather than compete with existing solutions (turning competitors into collaborators), will lead to synergistic network effects where we can tap into the business networks of entities that join our initiative (check out this article for more info on the stakeholders of the Triall Ecosystem).

✅ International value network: we have an international partner network and global advisory board consisting of industry experts and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) that provide us with access to clients, expertise, and know-how all across the globe.

✅ Customer-centric product development: we aim to continuously optimize the product-market fit of our solutions by frequently evaluating user satisfaction on a feature-specific level, enabling us to identify areas of improvement and thereby drive adoption.

✅ Global business development: We are a project with global ambitions. Building on our existing network within the EU & US, we will gradually expand our sales to other geographies (APAC, Africa). Our cloud-based technology can easily be rolled out in other regions and we have an existing network of ambassadors and advisors across the globe that can serve as a steppingstone for expanding our sales channels to these geographies.

✅ Double-digit growth market: the market for clinical trial software is rapidly growing at an estimated 13.8% CAGR, which is likely to be even higher due to the effects of the pandemic (read this article for more info on the clinical trial software market).



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