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Triall Memberships explained

Early adoption and token holding are incentivised in the Triall ecosystem by awarding rewards to those who lock their tokens over time. Clinical research professionals that lock up their T-CRED receive a Triall Membership status that provides unique rewards and benefits.

Please note that Triall also implements token lock-up/staking rewards for $TRL token holders. These rewards will be explained in a seperate post.

Contrary to most industry associations, memberships are not charged through recurring membership fees within the Triall ecosystem, but enabled through token lock-up (or ‘staking’) schemes. Those who lock their T-CRED receive unique benefits, such as application discounts and premium features, that stimulate community growth and network effects. At Triall, we strongly believe that token lock-up rewards are vital for ecosystem growth, network-fostering effects, and long-term sustainability.

Triall Memberships
Triall Memberships are designed with the clinical research professional (as typical T-CRED holder) in mind. These can be individuals or entities such as pharma/biotech companies, hospitals, or specialized service providers. Triall Memberships are divided into three tiers, depending on the amount of T-CRED in lock-up. An indicative list of rewards is provided below. Triall Memberships and associated lock- up schemes are settled in T-CRED to mitigate exposure to token volatility for the end-user. Over time, Triall may choose to adjust membership tiers to retain fit with the ecosystem’s size and scope.

  • Clinical research professionals who lock T-CRED for at least 12 months receive Triall Membership status.
  • Triall Members are entitled to rewards and voting rights.
  • Rewards are increased with tiers, depending on the number of T-CRED in lock-up.
  • After the lock-up period has expired, Triall Members can choose to use the T-CRED at their discretion. They may, for instance, use these to pay for subscription or membership renewals.

Read the Triall whitepaper for more info on our project and token economics.

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