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Celebrating International’s Women Day 2022

To celebrate International Women’s Day this year we have put together a panel of women in leadership aligned with this years theme #breakthebias. We have invited people in leadership ranging from interest in the pursuit of leadership to some who have been vetted with over 20 years of experience. Come join us for a awesome night and get some insights from leaders

Introducing the wonderful panelists below who will be joining us on March 31st! Cannot wait to hear more from such inspiring women. Ticket are sold out but you can still join the waiting list!

Meet Gelareh Taghizadeh, a Lead Data Scientist at Beamery’s Edge AI team, a multi-disciplinary team of data scientists, knowledge engineers and software engineers. She has a solid academic background in computer science and extensive industrial experience in applying AI to the field of Natural Language Processing. Gelareh has worked for different tech startups to shape their products where she contributed to the vision of these companies for data science and AI. She has worked and studied in the UK, Europe, and the Middle East where she learned how to become a diversity and inclusion advocate. Besides her work, she is volunteering for the Women of MENA in Technology organization to empower Middle Eastern women and girls around the world to strive in the fields of technology, STEM, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Meet Vuokko Aro, who is VP of Design at Monzo where she leads design across product and brand. She works as part of Monzo’s multidisciplinary company leadership to influence strategy and direction. Vuokko has a solid background in interaction design and she’s previously helped startups across London and NYC build mobile products with world-class user experiences.

Meet Jessie Auguste, on her path to leadership Jessie is a Psychology graduate who is now a Software Engineer at Cyber security startup, CybSafe. Outside of work, Jessie is passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion, and spends time volunteering with organizations that help underrepresented people get into tech on the Leadership team at Coding black females and in Community at Black Valley. In her free time she loves reading and learning new languages.

Meet Elwin Chan! She is Head of Engineering at Cleo AI, helping with their mission to fight for the world’s financial health. She has >20 years experience in the software industry, spanning aerospace, consumer electronics and utility computing. She loves a puzzle, whether it’s Wordle or how to fit everything into her always-too-small kitchen or debugging engineering processes. Outside of work, you’ll often find her with a barbell in her hands, or sitting in front of her much-loved piano that she’s been playing since she was 4 years old.

Finally meet our host, Katrina Dargel, she is a UX researcher and designer who has worked across the United States and Europe working on variety of products over the last 7 years ranging from eCommerce, non-profit, aerospace and SaaS products. When she’s not working she’s taking art classes, learning Spanish and is on the lookout for new spots to take photos, and eat.



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