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Introducing Eithel Anderson, Junior Software Engineer

Triangirls Spotlight Series

What is your role and current job?

My name is Eithel Anderson and I’m a Junior Software engineer for Clearscore.

How did you get into tech?

I started attending meetups and tech events just to get an idea of what the industry was about. Through talking to people about their journeys and discovering that it was possible to change careers into tech without a degree it sparked my journey into transitioning into the industry. I used online resources to learn some basic HTML and CSS before plucking up the courage to apply for a 3 month coding bootcamp with Makers Academy.

What have the biggest challenges been as a woman or non-binary person in tech?

It’s weird because I had heard so much about there not being enough women in tech but actually seeing it in front of my eyes was a shock. It can sometimes be lonely being the only woman on your team of devs no matter how amazing your fellow team mates are.

Have you overcome any of these issues? If so, how?

My company has done a great job in pushing for more female hires and in the year I have been there I’ve seen the efforts made to close the gender gap which is amazing.

I make sure to immerse myself in communities that focus on helping women excel and reach their full potential in the industry.

Communities such as Coding Black Females, Triangirls, Rails Girls and so many more provide a safe space for women to speak and share experiences.

What advice would you give others in a similar position?

I’d advise others to do the same, be a part of a community that can offer help, support and advice and keep pushing through.

Are there any resources you recommend sharing?

I found online resources such as and very useful when starting out. They also have a forum that you can ask questions on which is helpful.

When did you first hear about Triangirls?

I first heard about Triangirls through twitter back in 2019 while at Makers. Triangirls also helped in connecting me with my current employers.

What have you learnt about yourself in the past year?

Being put onto the furlough scheme 4 months into my first dev role due to COVID was very hard. I’ve learnt that I’m very resilient and bounce back stronger from difficult situations.

Triangirls are looking to raise the profiles of women and non-binary people in tech. Interested in participating in our spotlight series? Email us at



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