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2020 Trusted Computing Hackathon

Development, Innovation & Challenge Based on TEE


Trias is a Layer-1 infrastructure, which takes “building universal trust” as its responsibility and adheres to the idea of making encryption world more credible & secure. Trias has now launched its “2020 Trusted Computing Hackathon: Development, Innovation Competition based on TEE”. It advocates the majority of development enthusiasts to carry out innovation and development based on TEE. To improve the existing pain points of Ethereum Network and pay tribute to Ethereum 2.0 and its progress scalability, we can make use of TEE.

We firmly believe that Layer “- 1” network of Trias can continuously contribute to the ecological vision and also believes that the realization of this vision requires adhering to the tradition of ecological decentralization of blockchain and enabling potential global innovators.

“2020 Trusted Computing Hackathon: Development & Innovation Competition based on TEE” will invite outstanding developers from all over the world and give lot of exposure to their creativity based on Layer “- 1” public chain and trusted computing.

The goal is to attain innovative business applications based on blockchain technology as well as showcase the unlimited possibilities of the developer team and individual, themselves.

This Hackathon competition will prove to be a challenge, an opportunity and a brain churning carnival for developers.

About TEE

TEE stands for Trusted Execution Environment (hereinafter referred to as TEE), is a new technology which appeared very recently (about two years ago).This environment can guarantee computation that is not interfered by any normal operating system, and hence the name “Trusted”. The trusted applications are separated by cryptographic technology, and the data of other trusted applications cannot be read and operated at will. In addition, trusted applications need to go through integrity verification before execution to ensure that applications are not tampered with.

Layer “- 1” is a new generation of intelligent contract operation platform, development framework and collaboration ecology based on Trias system, which is compatible with entire platform of TEE. In order to adapt to the computing power characteristics of different platforms, the Leviatom layer of Trias allows any node to support any combination of three types of responsibilities. This, not only increases the flexibility of the consensus network structure, but also allocates the consensus computing amount according to the computing power to achieve high efficiency and energy saving.


The main purpose of this Hackathon is to gather top projects, development teams and communities, to empower potential innovators and stimulate their outstanding talents and finally contribute in Trias ecological construction.

With the participation of high level and wide range of participants, we expect that, we can put forward innovative solutions to the problems at hand. At the same time, unite innovators and form a Trias Ecological Community, through this Hackathon.

Challenge: How to use TEE to solve the difficulties faced by the Blockchain Industry?

The software and hardware integration framework of TEE + Blockchain can maximize resource saving on the chain while meeting the most basic needs, so as to bring a smoother user experience.The smart contract operates in the TEE area and is isolated from the external operating system and hardware, ensuring the security and confidentiality, so as to achieve 100% user control of their data.

For example, in the DeFi field, TEE can be used to enhance the privacy and integrity of the blockchain, such as private currency transactions, anonymous and verifiable voting of trusted cross chain transaction intermediaries and so on.

Additionally, TEE can solve the problem of authenticity in the field of distributed storage, even before the data is put on the chain by completing data collection and encryption uploaded locally. TEE, therefore can effectively solve the dilemma and problem of “storage proof” of existing distributed storage protocols.

How to join?

Based on TEE design, contestants can participate in the competition by submitting their PPT demonstrating their project or finalized official website design or a code to solve the existing development bottleneck of blockchain industry.

Team building rules:

1–3 members form a team. Team members can form a team by themselves or with the help of competition community.

Competition requirements:

All development should be done based on TEE of Trias.

Evaluation criteria:

Trias will select winners on different levels from three dimensions of innovation, technicality and completion.

All the participants are requested to make a note of the deadline. No application will not be accepted after the deadline.

Once you agree to participate in the competition, you also acceptance that Trias can use your personal information in various publicity activities, and Trias has the right to publicize the results of the project.

Registration channel and contact information


Contact:Telegram @hanatian

Hackathon Awards

1st prize for one team/Individual:

$50000 TRY, along with support of the Trias technical team, expert guidance and support from Oxford University, and Investment and Incubation opportunities from the Trias foundation and its alliance partners.

2nd prize for one team/Individual:

$20000 TRY, and support from Trias technical team, Investment and Incubation opportunities from Trias foundation and its alliance partners.

3rd prize for two teams/Individual:

$5000 TRY, as well as Investment and Incubation opportunities from Trias foundation and its alliance partners.

Award for Superior Team:

All projects in the Superior group will receive $1000 TRY, as well as Investment and Incubation opportunities from Trias foundation and its alliance partners.

Award for Community Choice:

The Trias community partners who vote for the most popular project, will receive $1000 TRY, as well as Investment and Incubation opportunities from the Trias foundation and its alliance partners.

Award for Community Recommendation:

The developer community which gets recommended as excellent projects to participate in the competition, will be provided with $500–2000 TRY reward and a 3-week publicity campaign in Trias Community Alliance.

All the winners will receive Trias certificates.

Excellent development projects can look for further business opportunities with Trias.

Competition Flow:


Opening Week (1st week)

Upon registration, the preliminary competition


Selection Week (2nd week)

Select 10 superior project teams. Rolling basis, with a total of 10 seats. Once selected, the superior team will obtain funding and incubation of Trias.


Final Selection Week (3rd week)

Judges award the scores according to the three dimensions of innovation, technicality and completion.


Award Publicity & Promulgation (Nov.6)

(1) Award of prizes and certificate

(2) Start incubation, deep community cooperation and joint publicity.

Jury Team

· Andrew Martin, Director of Oxford University, Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security.

· Prof Hanqing Jin, Associate Professor in Mathematical Finance and Member of Oxford — Man Institute of Quantitative Finance.

· Dr. Ning Wang, Senior Research Fellow in Data Science.

· Prof Qingni Shen, Deputy Director, School of Software and Microelectronics, Peking University.

· Dr. Anbang RUAN, CEO Founder & CEO of Trias, Ph.D (Oxford), MSc (Peking University).

· Dr. Ming WEI, CTO, Co-Founder & CTO of Trias, Ph.D. and MSc (Peking University).

Review of past Hackathons of Trias

Themed ‘TRY NEW ETHEREUM’, Trias Hackathon 2019 solicits technical solutions from global developers. Launched at Oxford University, Trias successfully invites global developers to participate in the development and innovation of trusted technologies and ETH.

Trias Hackathon 2019 is the year’s premier blockchain developer event, bringing together many senior developers, blockchain project technical experts, professors and scholars from Oxford University, Peking University and other famous universities around the world, as well as elites from all walks of life.



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