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AMA Recap: Trias & Odoo Partner

The partnership between Trias blockchain technology and top open source projects

This article is the recap of the 26th AMA held by Blockmania, with the theme of “the collision between top open source projects and blockchain”. The sharing guests are Odoo partner Yubo Peng and Trias co-founder Xuming Chen. The two guests discussed the technological innovation and application of the combination of Trias blockchain and Odoo open source cloud platform, TriasForce developed by Trias used the landing case analysis of Odoo module, and looked forward to the future prospect of the combination of open source projects and blockchain technology.

1.Can you introduce Odoo to us?

Peng: Odoo is one of the world’s top open source ERP products. In the latest selection of getapp (the world’s first commercial software recommendation platform), it ranks second only to Netsuite of Oracle.

After 13 years of development, Odoo has become an enterprise integrated software that can be customized and is easy to use. Odoo has provided rich business modules for enterprises in marketing, sales, supply chain management, production and after-sales, finance, website construction, human resources and so on. At present, only the official market has provided more than 20000 application modules.

2.How about the current application of Odoo and the developer community at home and abroad?

Peng: In recent years, the development at Odoo has been very rapid and by the first half of 2019, it has opened 9 branches in the world, with user data of more than 4 million. We have more than 2000 partners that provide technical services for customers in the world, and more than 200 partners in the Asia Pacific region. The global customers in Odoo include Toyota, Danone, WWF, Hyundai and other large enterprises.

In recent years, Odoo has quickly grown in China through the efforts of the Odoo community. We have also organized sharing meetings, cooperated with various official roadshows, and most importantly, we have constantly applied Odoo to provide more and more enterprises with information-based solutions and have achieved good results.

At present, in addition to the early trade-oriented enterprises, Odoo is trying to be involved in all walks of life, and many large enterprises have also begun to use Odoo as their internal enterprise information platform, such as Geely, China Electronic Technology Group, Lenovo, BYD, Xiaomi, etc.

3.Why can Odoo be combined with blockchain? What scenarios can the combination of Odoo and blockchain be applied to?

Chen: Odoo is an open source community that has a large number of external developers, which have great advantages in the application layer, especially in the enterprise ERP. We have a lot of mature cases that could take advantage of the application layer.

Odoo’s performance in distributed, customized and other technical indicators are also very trustworthy. Specifically, the combination of Odoo and blockchain is more focused on the combination of underlying data, based on the non-tampering, confidentiality and other characteristics of blockchain, so that you can see the effect of use more quickly.

In fact, a good enterprise management software should focus on helping users to produce value. The development of various types of software, how to better enhance the value of data is the most important. On this basis, we must also ensure the true and effective data.

For example, the authenticity of warehousing part, the analysis of personnel capability models from the perspective of human resources, order matching of sales parts and so on, all of these will have a direct impact on the development of enterprises.

For example, a substation equipment manufacturing park in Jiangxi Province is concerned about the actual operation of enterprises, which directly involves some policy subsidies.

On the one hand, enterprises need to provide real data for the park, and also need to expand their influence on the industry. On the other hand, they are afraid that some sensitive data will be obtained by competitors, especially the core technologies and fixed sales channels in the manufacturing process. Thus each enterprise in the park has different degrees of information technology and different production modes.

In this respect, we need to combine Odoo’s customization to create a universal ERP module for enterprises, pay attention to production data, operation data, layout nodes for the park and strengthen the supervision of real data. At the same time, the encrypted attributes of blockchain technology are used for rights control to prevent data leakage and to protect the interests of enterprises from being damaged.

Of course, our team has a lot of accumulation in information security, while using continuous immunization, trusted computing and other technologies to escort.It should be said that this is quite typical in the blockchain application scenario of the ToB class.

4.I heard that TriasForce developed by Trias uses the Odoo module. Can you share some examples of specific functions and scenarios for us?

Chen: The current ERP component of TriasForce is a collaboration with Odoo, a multinational open source ERP enterprise with strong community development capabilities.

For enterprises, ERP, CRM, MES and other information systems are highly accepted, especially the part of ERP, which has a wide range of applications. Applications such as Warehousing, finance, personnel, accounting, logistics, equipment and other modules are relatively mature.

For example, In the inventory application: the storage function module in basic purchasing and selling that is used to manage warehouse inventory management, etc.. This can maximize the warehouse efficiency. The modern online warehouse management software improves performance, processing time, better organizes warehouse inventory through the duplicate entry smart inventory system, and so on.

Scenario cases:

1.Electronic Payment:

The world’s first crypto-currency “Bitcoin” has gained mainstream attention in a few years. It has gained legal status in several countries such as Germany, Canada etc..Today, many countries from around the world including China are closely researching the digital currency. Many countries are also working on issuing their own national digital currency. The adoption of digital currency payments is a growing trend and will continue in the future.

With the worldwide popularity of Bitcoin, countries such as Germany, Canada and others have inherited the legal status of Bitcoin. Today, including China, many countries in the world are closely researching digital currency.Clearly, there will be more countries and businesses accepting digital currency payments in the future.

The Trias wallet currently supports major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, TRY, EOS, BCH, USDT etc.. The Trias architecture makes it easier to add new currencies in a short period of time as needs arise. The Trias wallet has a built in digital currency exchange and can be accessed on a decentralized exchange.

At present, the Trias wallet can be integrated into the Odoo electronic payments section or can be used as an independent application on Odoo to provide direct digital currency payment services to enterprises.

2.Invoice: Odoo can use the Trias blockchain to store, issue and circulate electronic invoices on blockchain. This could help in better tax management without the use of paper.

The use of Trias blockchain for electronic invoices has several characteristics such as tamper-proof, incorrect invoices and improvements in invoice supervision. The invoice system could solve the over-reporting of invoices, false offset and correct invoice flow process.

3.Document Signing: Odoo uses PostgreSQL to save the original data(After the files have been signed). This database system is not tamper-proof and could affect the files that are stored. Since the Trias blockchain is encrypted, all malicious operations such as tampering, deleting, moving etc.. that are made on the file can be easily identified. The Trias blockchain tamper proof service can also provide independent APP applications directly to enterprises similar to Odoo.

5.What interesting collisions do you think can be created between open source projects and blockchain?

Peng: I think the integration of open source projects with blockchain technology will have a profound impact on both enterprise and platform applications, including business models. Blockchain further enhances the credibility of information and stabilizes information system-based partnerships.

However, the integration of the open source project with the blockchain accelerates the presence of the blockchain technology in the enterprise information technology and promotes the blockchain technology forward. I think that is why Trias is developing blockchain-based business modules for Odoo.

Today, we are communicating with our customers about a project based on Odoo to build a pork supply chain. The customer is particularly recognized for the Trias-based alliance chain to bring pork back to its source.

Chen: As an open source enterprise management suite, Odoo integrates tens of thousands of applications and services and currently has over 12,500 Apps available. In addition to the low cost of use, it can continue to expand with the growth of the enterprise to meet the new needs of the enterprise.

Although Odoo is powerful, there are still many aspects that could be improved.

For example, the existing data storage methods can not guarantee that the data can be recovered after the loss, and also lack effective incentives for community contributors. The rise of blockchain technology, with its security, irreversibility, traceability, and automatic execution of intelligent contracts, has brought new help to Odoo and enterprise software services.

The combination of Software Platform Services (SaaS) and blockchain is an important direction of blockchain’s presence in the traditional economy. This is a way for the blockchain to create value for the real economic industry.

For example: The combination of Saas and decentralization(with blockchain) has helped Trias to build its first blockchain-based enterprise service software warehouse for enterprise partners called TriasForce. This could be an example or a motivation for the technology developers to build DSaaS for different industries worldwide and shows the strong use case of DSaaS.

TriasForce combines blockchain’s security and immunity to protect data/services from being tampered. It can interact with data, fully tap the self-value and potential value of data resources. This also initiates the beginning of development of large applications in various industries. It can promote the information flow in the industry chain and enable the technological upgrade of industries.

The partnership between Trias and Odoo will not only solve the big data analysis problem of Odoo business but could also help in continuous improvements and upgrades of business. It could also help in adding the Odoo modules on the public chain of Trias as DApps(Decentralized Applications) and motivate the community contributors.

Most importantly, this could be a solution to the untrustworthy applications in the open source community unlike the traditional centralized SaaS. DSaaS uses blockchain technology to make sure the trustworthiness and security of the data. The Prometh layer helps in tracing software changes resulting in solving major trust issues.

TRIAS(Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems)

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