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Announcement on the migration of TRIAS to BSC

Dear Trias community,

In order to support the better development of Trias ecology and capture more traffic and resources on “BSC”, Trias destroyed 2,000,000 (20% of the total) “ERC-20” “TRIAS” tokens on Ethereum on April 23, and issued the same amount of “BEP-20 TRIAS” tokens on “BSC”. The token destroyed on Ethereum comes from the share of Mining in the original token metrics, and the total amount of “TRIAS” will remain unchanged.

“ERC-20” “TRIAS” burning txid:

“TRIAS” “BSC” contract address: 0xa4838122c683f732289805FC3C207Febd55BabDD

Of the 2,000,000 “TRIAS” tokens issued on “BSC”, 1,000,000 will be deposited in Kucoin exchange to provide liquidity of “TRIAS” tokens from “ERC-20” to “BEP-20” ecology.

Now you can deposit and withdraw both “ERC-20” and “BEP-20” “TRIAS” on Kucoin.

If you have any questions, please contact our telegram community ( admins.



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