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CSO time: Trias in a nutshell AMA recap(1)

Highlights of Trias

Host: Welcome the CSO of the Trias, Kailing, Could you introduce yourself to the community?

Kailing: Hi everyone. Im Kailing from Trias. I graduated from LSE with Master of science degree in management and strategy. My bachelor degress is in economics. I worked for Accenture, a top IT and management consulting company and after my consulting experience, I worked in the venture capital industry. I have helped more than 200 startups in their stealth business model and financing process. I joined Huobi Labs for investment and incubation. I also invested in crypto with my own fund before I cofounded Trias.

Host: Triasures from our community are wondering what are the responsibilities of Trias CSO. Would you please describe your job to us? What is your typical day?

Kailing: As Trias Chief Strategy Officer, in generaly my job is to grow Trias’ ecosystem. In my point of view, strategy is to define the position and to stand competitively in that position and expand the position along the way. To be more specific, I am in charge of several aspects. Currently,my focus is the growth strategy of Trias. How can Trias obtain proper and constant attentions from our potential stakeholders, for example investors, token holders, partners, projects that may use our technologies, projects that want be part of our alliance, both domestically and globally etc. I and my team evalute and identify opportunties actively to make Trias well-known to the crypto space as well as real business world, and utilize our technology and product advantages to empower our business clients, service providers, developers and the community. As co-founder of Trias, along the way, I also played roles in the initial stages such as building the narratives and the stealth models, seeking investment, listing, and econ design etc. In the future, I will also use my previous experience in investment to bring strategically fit projects to Trias ecosystem through incubation and investment.

Host: What are the highlights of Trias?

Kailing: First of all, Trias has a fine design in its technical architecture. Trias’ unique TEE and graph computing algorithms not only creates a robust public chain with high scalability and security, but also provides underlying ‘-1 layer’ infrastructure to support other public chains, including Ethereum and Hyperledger.

Secondly, Trias chains can and have already supported DApps. Built upon the public chain, TriasForce, a Decentralized-SaaS for enterprises, has already deployed on many industrial clients, such as top financial institutions and power industries.

Thirdly, Trias economy pump revenues from real world back to the community. The revenue and business opportunities generated globally from Trias ecosystem (e.g. selling TriasForce to company clients) are fueling the community including software developers, distributiors, service providers and token-holders via Trias’ token economy models. Revenue and benefits paid in fiat are contributed to the community through buyback and burning models, while business partnership, alliance and franchise are contributed through staking models.




TRIAS(Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems)

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Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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