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CSO time: Trias in a nutshell AMA recap(2)

Why Decentralizes SaaS?

Host: Why does Trias have three layers?

Kailing: Because one of the reasons we are facing many problems and obstables in the crypto space is that we don’t have sufficiently good technical solutions and development. Public chains are facing scalability issues, which means there are high costs and low incentives for developers to create DApps. You should have a robust infrastructure in the first place before every good ideas and innovations can be made upon it. Therefore, we have Leviatom, which integrates Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) and Heterogeneous Consensus Graph computing algorithms in our underlying network to make a solid public chain.Prometh tackles issues of software development, which is more related to security issues and data privacy issues. MagCarta is the layer for developers to develop ideas on smart contract.

Host: You said that public chains expect developers to build DApps on them. Why did Trias choose to develop DApp by its own team?

Kailing: Public chains also face a potential problem that they are lack of developers actually building sth realistically useful on them. Therefore we decided to develop our DSaaS products aiming for enterprise clients, solving the 2 problems at the same time. On one hand we can set an example of how to develop on the MagCarta Layer while polishing our public chains and potential development toolkits. On the other hand, we also give an example of how DApps can be useful and valuable. We believe if DApps solve real businss problems, they are creating values and may even generating revenues. This is our case and experience with our first enterprise DApp TriasForce, which is a DSaaS. In this way, we also polish our token economic models of how DApps generate values and pump back into the community, which incentivizes developers while benefits the community as a whole.

Host: Why do you build a DSaaS?

Kailing: DSaaS is decentralized SaaS. Firstly, let me brief a little bit about SaaS, which is short for Software as a Service. SaaS is the spotlights of venture capital industry because it creates functional values to companies without complicated deployment. Small companies can easily be accessible to SaaS without any barrier. It also has a recurring revenue model because it’s subscribed monthly/annually. The reason we build a Decentralized SaaS is that we believe the cloud computing now is centralized when most of the data is in some giants’ hands. Often data owners and creators are not paid when these centralized service providers dig deep into the values of the data created during the whole interactions and services. Thus a decentralized model can protect the data ownership. Furthermore, it also tackles the problems of data privacy and leakages, and thus mitigates the clients’ reluctance of uploading data or rejecting the SaaS as a whole.

Host: How can TriasForce protect the data? Is it intrinsic feature of blockchain?

Kailing: This is a good question. In fact blockchain cannot solve the data privacy issue by its own because it supports transparency, which means if you do what you are not allowed to do then your behaviors are on record. But it does not protect the data intrinsically. Once companies store any data on public chains, it’s there and cannot be removed or revised. Data protection is not what a blockchain are used for. However, as Trias team has a strong background in cyber security both in acadmic and industrial experience, TriasForce’s solution combines the technology of AI, blockchain and security. In our use cases, clients are using the TriasForce to prevent attack from the outside and data leakage from the inside.



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