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CSO time: Trias in a nutshell AMA recap(5)

Trias Token Economics: the Franchise Network

Q1: According to the MagCarta economic model of Trias, the benefits for the community and token holders come from the successful deployment of business clients. Could you explain more about this mechanism?

A: The core mechanism is that the revenue and business opportunities generated globally from Trias ecosystem are fueling the community including software developers, distributors, service providers and token-holders via Trias’ token economy models.

The sources of revenue include selling TriasForce to company clients. Revenue and benefits paid in fiat are contributed to the community through buyback and burning models.

Meanwhile, we encourage third-parties to share the benefits of the community. For example, software distributors can sell TriasForce and service providers can upgrade new functions of TriasForce or expand scenarios of TriasForce. They can take the commission. The revenues from TriasForce, again, are contributed to the community through buyback and burning models.

Moreover, when software distributors and service providers, or what we call franchisees in the economic paper, want to be part of the alliance, they need to stake. It is a mechanism to ensure the alignment of interests. Therefore the economy generates staking pools when growing business alliance and partnerships. In this way, we encourage more companies to commercialize Trias technology and to copy to different ares around the world and generates more utilities of TRY.

The more utilities of a token, the more benefits the community can have. The larger the economy grows, when converting business opportunities into real productivity, the more benefits the community can have. Trias is doing both ways.

Q2:What are the progresses of TriasForce?

A: For the past months, we have been working very closely with our potential customers, helping them to identify their key issues and challenges. Up till now, we have helped customers from financial, manufacturing, marinal industries. We believe, with the further development in commercialising the TriasForce, our Staking scheme will be more and more interesting.

Q3. Sound great. Can you tell us more about the franchise network in the paper? How does franchise affect staking?

A: We introduce Franchise into our network because the market expansion of a blockchain company is similar to traditional franchise model. We give definitions of franchisers and franchisees in the context of blockchain development businesses:

Franchisors: A blockchain development company which has a public chain and a native token. The company develops enterprise solutions in various industry verticals.

Franchisees: A subsidiary of the franchisers in specific region. Local franchisees have special terms with franchisors such as an exclusive right to sell product in that region.

Platforms create value by incentivizing franchisees to boost sales of enterprise products on blockchain and creating benefits to both franchisors and franchisees through token appreciation and promotion. With staking for service mechanism, tokens are staked based on the number of products available in the franchise network and sales revenue are distributed to token holders or burned in the system.

Q4. The last question comes from our community a few hours ago: so how can a token holder benefit from holding Trias? Are their nodes and staking involved?

A: First of all, as I explained above, Trias is growing its economy and increasing the utilities of TRY, which can benefit the token holders as a whole in a sustainable way.Periodically, the staking pool will be open for allocating benefits generated. Different from most of the staking mechanisms in the crypto space, Trias staking rewards are not generated from inflation, but from the purchase back of tokens using partial revenue. We also introduce a token burn mechanism into the auction to further incentivize participants.

Q5: When is the next staking?

A: We will open the staking pool soon. Please stay tuned for the official announcement.



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