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CSO time: Trias in a nutshell AMA recap(6)

Trias Staking: Bridges Businesses to Crypto

Host: You gave a heads-up yesterday that Trias is going to have a staking program. Could you tell us the key of Trias staking mechanism, and why should people join the staking?

Kailing: The key mechanism is that we don’t want our staking rewards come from inflation of the economy. We hope to grow the economy by making revenues from DApps (and in the future from the public chain)

Currently we have developed a mature business model in our own DApp (TriasForce) and we also have design mechanism for others to do the same because we provide: 1) infrastructure and toolkits for developers; 2)blockchain software for distributors to sell; 3) a business network for service providers(who can modify the blockchain products to fit the demands of end users).

During the process, the economy grows and the utilities of TRY generates and expands. In this way, our staking will not result in high-inflation rate because it has support from real business activities and value is created within the ecosystem. Therefore, both short-term speculators and long-term holders can benefit from join the staking program.

Host: Apart from individual investors, franchisees and in the future franchisor (e.g. other infrastructure/software developer) stake, which is a unique design of the economy. How doe Trias attract franchisees and franchisor to stake?

Kailing: We can run a cost and benefit analysis for both franchisees and franchisors. For franchisees, joining the franchise network benefits not only from the trade surplus but also the investment return from the token price appreciation. The buyback model largely reduces the cost and risk of joining the franchise network. For franchisors, not only do they benefit from the revenue of sales of products, but also from the appreciation of tokens.

Host: Why do you want to integrate real business into Trias economic model?

Kailing: Our token economics model combines traditional business model and innovative token model, with the aim of deploying blockchain technologies to traditional businesses and pumping values into the ecosystem. We believe the times of hype has passed and industries need real applications of the blockchain tech.

Apart from technology defects and underdevelopment, regulatory and business reasons are also blocking real customers from using. Here are some possible reasons:

1) Due to legal and regulation restrictions, applying cryptocurrencies in traditional business world in some regions is illegitimate and difficult;

2) There is no clear or practical rule for accounting and auditing;

3) Cryptocurrency is highly speculative. Price fluctuations increase risks and uncertainties for businesses.

By bringing franchisees and franchisors, most of whom are from traditional businesses, and integrating the staking and back-back model designed intrinsically by Trias, more businesses can enjoy the new technology and economy of the blockchain, while Trias can benefit from a value-supported mechanism to grow its ecosystem



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