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CTO Time: Trias’ Application on DeFi

Dr. Wei, Trias CTO, will have a series of Trias Technology Sharing in Trias group( on every Monday 12:00 GMT. The following is the recap of the 7th time:

Recently, DeFi has experienced a sharp rise and fall, which will further promote the DeFi landing actually. Today we have invited Trias CTO, Dr. Wei, to introduce how Trias applies DeFi and show us some application cases.

As an important branch of fintech (Financial Technology), DeFi is bursting out with different vitality. However, many blockchain technologies are not mature, on the one hand, they can not support the security and scalability requirements of complex DeFi, and on the other hand, they can not meet the security and regulatory needs of CeFi.

There are few blockchain technologies that can meet the needs of CeFi and DeFi at the same time.

Our team actually reviewed a lot of the existing DEFI project code (and even some well-known projects) and claimed to be decentralized, but we found that many were still centralized, just in a very decentralized form.

There are still many problems with the current DeFi ecosystem and the market is not in a healthy state of development. We believe there is still a long way to go. From a Trias perspective, we will provide a healthier Defi infrustructure.

For example, the value of Oracle to blockchain just like Google for the significance of the Internet, if you don’t have a reliable machine, so all data on the chain will be just talk. Trias will support more powerful machine, can provide more powerful exchange efficiency and safety performance, and can fit more secure environment.

We need to build a more secure network from the bottom up, the infrastructure for finance, especially for the real economy. This leads to better DeFi.

How does Trias implement DeFi?

Trias is a full stack distributed trusted cloud infrastructure and ecosystem, which is used to build commercial and universal enterprise applications.

Through smart contract and tee technology, Trias can accurately identify malicious software and programs, and realize complex enterprise application functions. This is the Internet trusted software system Trias wants to build.

Different TEE protocols are used to collect the trusted state information of nodes, and each node checks the reliability of each other, and then the trust model is concluded. It can not only increase the flexibility of consensus network, but also achieve high efficiency and energy saving.

With this underlying technology, the trust risk in the system will be minimized. We package the core functions of Trias blockchain together and turn it into a set of basic services to benefit more enterprises.

In this system, not only the participating enterprises can freely carry out financial services such as asset transfer and loan, but also banks, securities companies and insurance companies dare to put data on the cloud, because they can clearly know what the cloud is doing. And our Internet application provider can better collect all kinds of data, because it has the ability to prove to users that the data has not been abused.

This is the basic logic how Trias support DeFi.

Application cases of Trias in DeFi

At present, Trias technology including banking, securities and power industry has been used. Take the power industry as an example. Trias has built the basic blockchain of comprehensive service platform for power equipment industry for a certain region in China.

The region is home to Chinese power equipment manufacturers. After years of development, it has formed a whole industry chain including upstream and downstream enterprises. Its market share is among the top three in the industry. Products are exported to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

Trias has built the basic blockchain of comprehensive service platform for power equipment industry for the region.

Enterprises upload big data to Trias blockchain as vouchers through ERP and MES systems. At the same time, the connection with various functions and services such as banks and insurance companies provides convenience for data supervision, deep processing, mining and comprehensive utilization.

From the DeFi level, Trias provides trust relationship between the participants on the platform, and realizes the business functions of supply chain finance, enterprise credit rating management, product quality traceability and other business functions through smart contract and other technologies.

In the process of financing, purchasing and loan, related enterprises on the platform can easily carry out their own business through the corresponding business platform, and can effectively ensure that the whole workflow can be easily completed in a highly safe, convenient and intelligent environment.



TRIAS(Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems)

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