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General Introduction of Trias: The Beginner’s Guide

Part 1: What is Trias and how is it different from Ethereum?


  • What is Trias?
  • How is Trias different from Ethereum?

Trias is one of the most ambitious blockchain projects that has raised funds in 2018. The project aims to solve a few of the most daunting problems faced by blockchains such as Trusted systems, Scalability and Security. As we get into the technical details about Trias and how it works, we encounter some of the most brilliantly thought concepts. These concepts could be intimidating for an average learner to understand. To help you better understand what Trias is? and how it works. We have written this beginners guide to Trias.

Before the question “What is Trias” is answered, we have to understand what cloud infrastructure is.

Cloud infrastructure refers to the hardware and software components that are required to support the computing requirements of a cloud computing model. The components such as server’s, storage, network and virtualization software.

In the current cloud infrastructure, the power to govern these components(Software and hardware) is in the hands of the centralized authorities that make decisions and rules. As a user, it is only possible to use these infrastructure by accepting the terms and conditions laid out by the centralized authorities. The devices, softwares and servers work in accordance with the terms laid by the organisation that is running these services.

Examples of Cloud infrastructure providers: Apple, Amazon, Xiaomi, etc..

Coming back to the main question… What is Trias?

Trias is a decentralized-trusted and reliable general purpose cloud computing infrastructure. In this infrastructure the hardware and software components implement anticipated operations and are free from centralized decisions. The Trias infrastructure is built for all platforms such as Mobile, Servers, IOT, etc.. alongside this, Trias has a well built token economy that can sustain itself.

The project is led by Dr. Anbang Ruan, who has a PhD in computer security from the University of Oxford. He has over 12 years of extensive experience in Trusted computing, cloud security, cryptography and has published over 20 academic papers including 2 in IEEE.

Is Trias similar to Ethereum?

Ethereum is a virtual machine with capabilities to execute smart contracts. It is a decentralized system that is run by nodes around the world. It is completely autonomous and does not have a centralized point of failure. It allows users to create decentralized applications on its platform. Ethereum is a layer 1 protocol and supports applications on top of it.

Trias on the other hand is a decentralized cloud computing infrastructure. It is a “-1 layer” protocol that could support public blockchains like Ethereum. Trias could provide high scalability properties to Ethereum and increase the current transactions on ethereum by over 100k TPS using a single Shard. Trias also has support for smart contracts and allows users to build decentralized applications that are far superior to Ethereum in terms of Scalability. The enterprise applications that require high scalability due to their degree of usage could benefit from the applications built on the Trias blockchain.

Part 2: The Trias Architecture & DSaaS


  • What is DSaaS?
  • What is TriasForce and notable partnerships.

In the first part of our beginner series, we have learnt how Trias is different from Ethereum. In this part we will be taking a look at Trias Architecture, DSaaS and TriasForce.

Let us first understand what is SaaS(Software as a service), SaaS is a software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers over the Internet. In SaaS the software is centrally hosted and customers purchase it on a subscription model. All the data, identity are in the control of the host(provider). If a privacy or a data breach occurs at the host, all the data could be in the wrong hands. It is also an interesting fact that every company be it a candy shop or an MNC(Multinational companies) everyone is using the DSaaS for their ease of use and scalability

Whereas, DSaaS(Decentralized Software as a Service) is decentralized. It does not have a single point of failure. The data is encrypted and has higher security provided by the blockchain. In DSaaS, the software is available for anyone over the internet to purchase and use. The DSaaS provides high scalability and high uptime unlike the SaaS that could fail due unavoidable reasons. It takes all the advantages the SaaS provides and makes the system secure.

Sounds interesting? Let us move to the next topic The Trias Architecture:

Trias has a very unique design and approach for its platform that solves issues faced by general purpose applications computational platforms such as Inefficient consensus, Heavy redundancy, Restrictive interface, Reconstruction & migration, Trustworthy data collection and Data privacy preservation.

Trias has a smart contract execution platform, development framework and collaborating ecosystem. It has been divided into three subsystems:

  • Prometh — Development Framework
  • MagCarta — Collaboration ecosystem.

Leviatom is a network of Trusted Execution Environments to achieve direct execution of general purpose software. It helps in verifying the authenticity of node operations and eliminates the dependency on a single node.

Prometh is a development framework for general purpose software to achieve decentralized functions and secure properties. It records important information about software that includes development, building, distributing etc.. Prometh gathers genuine properties of the software that ensures their intended behaviour.

MagCarta is the smart contract language for building DSaaS on Trias and allows applications to issue their own tokens.

In the MagCarta layer, If a software component, toolchain, ledger, computing resource is built by a developer, it could be contributed to the underlying layers and can be reused by other developers and thus helps the contributors to gain Trias tokens. Sounds like WordPress for blockchain right? That is how simple it would be to build applications and profitable for developers to work on interesting components.

Are you a developer? Want to get those rewards? Read the developer guide to find out more.

Finally, we head to the most talked about topic in our Telegram group: What is TriasForce?

TriasForce is the first DSaaS built on the Trias blockchain. It is an enterprise grade application that is currently being used around the world. It is Trias way to lead the development of future applications on the platform.

TriasForce has three components each built in accordance with the Trias Architecture. They are:

  • TF-Audit
  • TF-ERP

TF- Security: In any data center, the security of data can be easily compromised by the network administrators. They could get easy access to the data stored and can clear the logs to make the deed untraceable. TF-Security can easily detect malicious behaviours and eliminate such attacks. It provides a white list based protection and tamper-proof auditing trail.

TF-Audit: In everyday operations of enterprises, the data generated is huge. TF-Audit is integrated with blockchain and security maintenance management. All the work-flow can be easily verified and traced which increases the work efficiency and reduces the auditing workload.

TF-ERP: TF-Enterprise resource planning (TF-ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.

To learn more about the project, please visit our website:



TRIAS(Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems)

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