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Trias Anti-fraud Guidance

Recently, we found that many scams impersonated the Trias official team and Trias official community. And some people were cheated. So we specially prepared this guide to teach you how to identify fraud information step by step.

First of all, please keep the following information in mind:

1. Trias team will never talk about token buying, selling, and whitelist etc. in private messages. If you encounter such situations, you can report them immediately.

2. At present, there is only one Trias official chat group, Other Trias communities are all unofficial. And there are many groups built by Trias fans. You can join them, but please learn how to identify the fraud ones to avoid being cheated.

3. All official information of Trias is mainly published in Trias’ official account. Information that is not published in the following channels is not reliable.

If there is no information in these channels, it is not officially published:

Official website:


Telegram Channel:


4. is the suffix of the official website of Trias. Please be careful to identify the page links related to Trias.

Cases for how to anti-fraud

1. When you are invited to a group similar to the Trias official group, you need to:

1> Check whether the group link is:

2> Check whether the group managers are the official group ones of Trias, and check if the group managers’ handles are consistent.

2. When someone sends you a message about a Trias event with lots of rewards, you need to:

1> Calm down and say “there is no free lunch in the world”

2> Go to Trias official Twitter ( and official channel ( / TriasOfficial) to see if there is any event-related information. Or go to Trias official Community ( and ask the group administrator.

3. When a Trias administrator PM you about any token, you need to:

1> Confirm whether the administrator’s Telegram handle is consistent with the real one.

2> In Trias’s official community @ the group manager and confirm with him whether he PM you.



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