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Trias community proposal on the adjustment of TRY token economic mode


The total circulation of TRY will be reduced (from 10 billion to 10 million), the value of user holdings and total TRY market value remain unchanged. And the token economics will be adjusted accordingly to adapt future development strategy .


Dear Trias Community,
Since Trias issued white paper 1.0 in July 2018, in two and a half years, the project has been steadily advancing according to the development blueprint, and most of the established development plans have been achieved.

In terms of technology, according to Trias’s three-layer system design: trusted computing network — Leviatom, service layer — Prometh and application layer — Magcarta , the development of Leviatom layer has been completed, and Prometh and Magcarta are also in progress according to the established development route.

In terms of products development, Trias has reached cooperative relations with many enterprises and institutions at home and abroad, and its landing products also cover many fields such as finance, government affairs, energy and manufacturing. For example, Trias Power Transmission Industry Blockchain Platform and Taizhou Intelligent Valve Industry Internet Platform with Trias trusted infrastructure chain as the underlying technology have been put into production and achieved good social benefits.

After studying and judging the development situation of the current crypto market, for the sake of better development and healthier Trias ecosystem, we propose to adapt the new economic model so that to fit Trias’s future development strategy, product route and community construction, and truly adapt the current market trend of the encryption world. The specific adjustments are proposed as follows:

1. The total amount of TRY will be reduced from 10,000,000,000 to 10,000,000.

Reducing the total amount of tokens will help to reflect Trias’ value, help Trias community better transition to a more decentralized DAO governance model, and enable Trias to gather a group of core participants to make joint decisions and improve governance efficiency.

2. Adjust the token economics and improve the proportion of the mining part in the initial TRY token distribution scheme.

Increasing the proportion of mining is to adapt to the transformation of encryption market from CeFi to DeFi. Next, Trias plans to log on to the decentralized exchange Uniswap. The original mining share will be adjusted to Uniswap liquidity mining incentive, so that Trias users can also participate in the development dividend of DeFi.

Specific operation

  1. Reduce the amount by replacing the smart contract;
  2. The official airdropped the new TRY to the user’s address according to the corresponding proportion;
  3. The users of the exchange will automatically complete the reduction operation;
  4. Users who are participating in staking or other mortgage can redeem the reduced token at the end.

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