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Trias DAO Community Autonomy Framework

In November 2020, Trias core technology community released version 1.0 of community governance charter.

At present, Trias Foundation will make full use of existing resources to promote ecological construction. In order to avoid occupying the dominant and central position in a large proportion, and against the original intention of “decentralization”, Trias Foundation proposes to gradually decentralize and empower the community.

Therefore, Trias DAO community autonomy Committee was born with the trend. On the basis of the original core Trias community, it integrates openness and inclusiveness, freedom and autonomy. It exists in the form of DAO distributed autonomous organization. It undertakes and supervises all projects of Trias community, and is responsible for promoting the achievement of neutral consensus.

Trias DAO community committee consists of Trias Community Council, Trias Fund Utilization Audit Committee, Trias DAO Community Technical Committee, etc.

Trias DAO adheres to the community concept of “open, fairness and justice, independent contribution, sharing” to promote the formation of Trias DAO community ecology and realize the distributed autonomy of community organizations.

In order to better promote and implement Trias project communitization, Trias DAO community will spontaneously set up Trias DAO foundation in the future, with Trias DAO foundation as the main body, Trias Community Council, Trias Fund Utilization Audit Committee, Trias DAO Community Technical Committee as the three camps of distributed autonomous community to jointly help Trias communitization process and build Trias DAO community.

1.Trias DAO Community Council

Trias Community Council is the core force of Trias. Its main responsibility is to lead and organize community members to implement Trias projects and promote the construction and development of its ecology. Anyone who is willing to contribute to the community can apply to join Trias Community Council, which is composed of executive director and ordinary director. Executive directors need to be voted by more than half of the original members, while ordinary directors only need to register to participate.

2.Trias DAO Fund Utilization Audit Committee

In order to ensure the rational and transparent use of funds, a fund use audit committee composed of community representatives was established to supervise and audit the fund use of the foundation. In the first stage, the early investors will serve as members. After the main network goes online, the members who hold the top seven currencies in the whole network will be added as members.

At present, the channels of Trias DAO community, including twitter, medium, reddit, telegram, discord, etc., are managed and operated by community members to show the dynamic and latest news of the project to the whole community. Trias DAO foundation encourages community members to give full play to their subjective initiative, make use of their own expertise, and jointly promote the growth of DAO community, so that each member of the community can find their own place in the community.

According to the four principles of Trias DAO foundation, anyone in the community can organize, plan and implement anything beneficial to the development of Trias, and for this matter, community members can apply to the foundation for funds. Community members are the cornerstone of Trias DAO community. According to the progress of the current project and the actual development needs, we issue a recruitment order to the community, call on more community members to become directors, build Trias DAO community, join our director group and function promotion group, and be responsible for expanding the channels of Trias publicity and ecological construction.

Content group

1. Responsible for the output of project related articles and copywriting, including but not limited to the major progress of the project, publicity and momentum of activities, etc.

2. Update forum information and morning post.

3. Search for forum articles.

4. Responsible for the production of posters, videos and other publicity materials.

Community group

1. Responsible for building, expanding and maintaining global online communities.

2. Activate the atmosphere of chat groups such as Telegraph group and Discord group.

3. Twitter, Medium, Reddit, Forums and other channels of comment like sharing and other operations.

Translation group

Responsible for translating articles, morning papers, communiques, etc. into languages not limited to Chinese, English, Russian, Vietnamese, French, Japanese, Korean, etc

Publishing group

Responsible for typesetting and publishing articles and various publicity materials

Business section

Responsible for strategic cooperation, exchange of resources, exchange listing, media publicity, conference resources and other business negotiations

Activity group

1. Responsible for organizing and recording the Executive Council meeting

2. Responsible for planning a series of activities conducive to community development

3. Cooperate with other groups to complete the activities

4. Analyze the activity data, optimize the activity form and sort out the activity summary

Q & A team

1. Help community members familiarize themselves with functions and guide them to join appropriate groups

2. Answer project related issues in community and forum

(1) We should follow the spirit of open, transparent, decentralized and community-based blockchain.

(2) Fund Utilization Audit Committee composed of community representatives should be established. Each expenditure of the foundation can be used only after the approval of the Committee.

(3) Anyone in the community can organize, plan and implement anything beneficial to the development of Trias. For this matter, they can apply to the foundation for funds. With the approval of the Approval Committee for the use of funds, the foundation shall allocate funds.

(4) The passive principle. The foundation is the carrier of Trias project development, can not be both athletes and referees. The development of Trias is jointly promoted by all members of the community. Through the supervision of Fund Utilization Audit Committee on behalf of the community, the foundation ensures the reasonable and legal use of funds.

3. Trias DAO Community Technical Committee

It is mainly responsible for technology community promotion and ecological project construction. In terms of education promotion, it will regularly share technology; in terms of ecological project incubation, it will develop products around Trias infrastructure and maintain sustainability; in terms of healthy and sustainable development, members will supervise each other to maintain the healthy, orderly and independent development of Community Technical Committee.

The specific work of Trias DAO Community Technical Committee includes:

Define and maintain the technology vision of Trias DAO technology community;

Approve new projects within the scope of DAO determined by technical committee, establish conceptual framework of projects, adjust projects, delete or archive projects;

Receive feedback from the end user committee and map it to the project;

In terms of the selection of members, the standards of the Community Technical Committee are quite strict. If you want to join the committee, you must have a certain technical development background, understand the blockchain, and ensure that you have more than six months to continuously participate in the governance, meetings, coordination, reporting and other work of the Committee. We need to have rich experience in trusted technology, have in-depth understanding of Trias, and have worked hard for it and achieved certain results.

At the same time, Trias foundation will continue to provide support for the Community Technical Committee, including funding, community / user, brand promotion, technology integration and many other aspects. Up to now, there are still a large number of outstanding talents applying to join Trias DAO Community Technical Committee one after another. I believe that with the efforts of all members in the future, it is bound to burst out strong strength, create a diversified and prosperous Trias ecology, and contribute to the development of Trias.



TRIAS(Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems)

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