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Trias ecological project — Authmen is about to start liquidity mining

Authmen, the 2020 Trusted Computing Hackathon superior project, is about to start its liquidity mining plan. The goal of Authmen liquidity mining plan is to increase the liquidity of AUTH in Trias ecosystem, encourage the holders of AUTH and TRY to contribute to the Authmen ecosystem, and optimize the Authmen ecosystem.

In the liquidity mining designed by Authmen, investors can get AUTH token through your own Authmen NFTs in the mining pool. According to the proportion of LP token in the liquidity pool and the level of NFT, investors can get rich annualized return rate, and help Authmen network and community grow.

In the mining plan of Authmen, 8 million of the total 10 million AUTH tokens issued will be used as the income for the miners. When liquidity mining begins, these tokens will start to be distributed to mining investors.

A maximum of 1 million tokens can be mined each year for the liquidity mining part, and the liquidity mining will be started next year after the mining is finished. Through this release mechanism, Authmen can limit the selling pressure in the process of mining, protect the income of investors, build a more reasonable mining system for the market, and let users participate more fairly.

The steps of AUTH liquidity mining:
1. Stake an NFT to determine your computing power;
2. Provide liquidity for the AUTH liquidity pool on Uniswap and stake the Uniswap LP token.

The computing power depends on two factors:
1. The level of staked NFT ;
2. The proportion of staked LP token in the liquidity pool, as follows:

For example:
If I have an NFT AUTH-1, which represents the computing power of 1auth per hour, and my proportion of staked LP token in the liquidity pool is 3%, then my net computing power is 0.4 + 0.4 = 0.8AUTH per hour.

How to pledge LP token

Add liquidity to the ETH / AUTH pool on Uniswap.

1. Enter the official website of Uniswap:

2. Click “add liquidity”

3. Enter the number of ETH

4. Click “select token”

5. In the pop-up window, enter the contract address of Authmen:

6. Adjust the appropriate ETH and AUTH and click “approve AUTH”

7. Click OK and wait for ETH network confirmation

8. Finally, click “supply”

9. Finally, click “confirm” and wait for ETH network to confirm.

How to get Authmen NFT

1. Users can get NFT by staking Trias token (TRY) to participate in mining. That is , if you stake 2,000,000 Trias token (TRY) for 30 days, you can obtain a free AUTH-1 NFT for mining.

2. Users can obtain an AUTH-1 NFT by burning 60 AUTH acquired by purchase or airdrop.

Both methods can consume lower level NFTs and AUTH to obtain higher level NFTs with more computing power.

Authmen NFTs type:

Authmen has not yet announced the specific mining time, investors can continue to pay attention to the official news of Authmen.

The following is the official social media channels of Authmen. In order to prevent fraud by using Authmen’s counterfeit token with the same name, the relevant information is subject to the official release. Investors should pay attention to screening.







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