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Trias Weekly Report(August 6, 2019 -August 12, 2019)

To help understand Trias conveniently and comprehensively, we will release Trias Weekly on Mondays, with the product development progress, marketing operations, etc. Please stay tuned.

The following is the Trias Weekly from August 6 to August 12:

I. Project Progress

1. Development Progress

(1) The internal test network V1 made the transplantation test of high-performance network.

(2) Compatible ETH on Trias, found that the I/O performance needs to be optimized and improved. The relevant program was developed.

(3) The new version of the Trias official website was completed.

(4) The optimization of Trias super nodes’ consensus algorithm was completed.

2. Technical White Paper

(1) According to communities’ feedback requirements, compatibility descriptions for sidechains and crosschains technologies were carried out.

(2) According to the communities’ feedback requirements, compatibility descriptions for the TEE virtual machines were carried out.

(3) The consensus descriptions of Trias super nodes were supplemented and optimized.

II. Marketing Progress

(1) On August 8th, Trias held a live broadcast in WeChat groups, jointly with A+ and Mimajike communities. Thousands of people from ten communities participated in it. Trias CEO Dr. Ruan Anbang, talked with community members on the topic of ‘subversive solution for data validation and sharing of blockchain’, and discussed on issues of ‘application scenarios and performances of blockchain’. Relevant details have been released.

(2) On August 10th, Trias held a technical meetup in Seoul. Trias founder and CEO Dr. Ruan Anbang introduced Trias as the faster, safer and more compatible new-generation public chain. He gave a speech of ‘Achieving 1,000,000 TPS With A Layer-1 Trusted Consensus Network’. After the meetup, Ruan Anbang accepted interviews with well-known Korean media.

(3)From August 9th to 11th, Trias team negotiated with several Korean blockchain companies in Seoul and made cooperation with Block Patch. Trias Korean community has formed a fair scale.

Ⅲ、Trias Platforms

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TRIAS(Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems)

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