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Trias Weekly Report(Sep 17-Sep 23)

To help understand Trias conveniently and comprehensively, we will release Trias Weekly on Mondays, with the product development progress, marketing operations, etc. Please stay tuned.

The following is The Trias Weekly from September 17 to September 23:

Ⅰ. Project Progress

1. Development progress

(1) Trias wallet V1.1 went online, adding support for token-to-token conversion.

(2) We have designed the back-end matchmaking interface for the Trias wallet.

(3) We have optimized the synchronous speed of the ledger update of the Ladder.

(4) We have optimized the details of the role differentiation in the sharding V2.

(5) We have designed the scheme of auto test framework V1.

2. Technical White Paper

We have optimized the role differentiation of cross-sharding transaction in Trias V2.

Ⅱ. Marketing Progress

(1) Block Mania was successfully held in Singapore on September 19. The event site gathered a large number of well-known project parties, investment institutions and blockchain media from all over the world. Trias CEO, Dr. Ruan Anbang gave a speech on ‘measuring the value of trust for the cyberspace’, expounding Trias’ vision and mission for ‘Rooting Trust in Machines’. The CTO, Dr. Wei Ming delivered a speech titled ‘TEE-Based Consensus Working Method’.

Trias CEO Dr. Ruan Anbang
Trias CTO Dr. Wei Ming

(2) On September 20, Trias technology exchange community launched a weekly ‘CTO Afternoon Tea Activity’ with the theme of ‘On Singapore Meetup, Which Features of the Project will be Paid More Attention to By Foreign Media’. The CTO, Dr. Wei Ming Shared what he saw and heard in Singapore, and replied to questions from community members such as ‘New Trends in Singapore’s Blockchain Industry’, ‘Application Scenarios of Blockchain’ and ‘The New Direction of Trias Traceability’.

(3) Trias held a technology sharing meetup at the University of Hong Kong on Sept. 21. Trias CTO, Dr. Wei Ming delivered a speech titled ‘TEE-Based Consensus Working Method’.

(4) Trias participated in a related event hosted by NGC, KOSMOS and CryptoBriefing in Singapore from Sept. 18–19 to further implement their global marketing strategy.

TRIAS(Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems)

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Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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