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Trias Weekly Report (Nov 11, 2019 — Nov 17, 2019)

In this weekly report, we’ve got everything you need to know about what Trias was doing last week, including technical progress, marketing events etc. Please stay tuned!

The following is the weekly report of Trias last week (Nov 11, 2019 — Nov 17, 2019):

1 Technical Development Updates

(Please notice the github link below, some users may need to get the permission from the validators in order to view the repository. Welcome everyone to apply for the Trias validator plan)

(1) Optimized the zero-knowledge proof model of hidden amount to ensure that the input and output amounts are not negative:

(2) Solved the problem that the mobile wallet test cannot succeed in the automated test CI:

(3) Launched Trias Wallet Mobile Test Edition, which can be downloaded on the official website or as Triwallet on Xiaomi Software Mall.

(4) Added test case codes for super node consensus:

(5) Completed the upgrade of the past blocks and future blocks of Trias test network hard fork tool;

(6) Established a mirror displaying PORTAL starting grafana monitored locally by Trias. Submitted the corresponding full function


(7) Optimized the redundant codes and dependency packages for super node consensus:

(8) Fixed the problem that Trias Fabric cannot query the endorsement method;


(1) Optimized the timeout time of consensus algorithm of super tee node.

2 Marketing Updates

1. Dr. Ruan Anbang, founder of TRIAS, was appointed as an expert of Yuhuan Science and Technology Think Tank.

2. Dr. Ruan Anbang, founder of TRIAS, served as the chief scientist of Taizhou Digital Economy Research and Internet Technology Application Center.

3. Dr. Hu Zhilin, chief algorithm scientist of Trias, was invited to attend the symposium of Beijing Financial Security Industrial Park.

4. Dr. Ruan Anbang, founder of Trias, and Dr. Wei Ming, CTO of Trias, were invited to participate in the AMA live broadcast of “Dr. Bang” sponsored by BlockMania.

Trias info:

Trustworthy and Reliable, Intelligent Autonomous Systems

wechat: trias_as











TRIAS(Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems)

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Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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