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Trias Weekly Report (Oct 08, 2019 — Oct 13, 2019)

In this weekly report, we’ve got everything you need to know about what Trias was doing last week, including technical progress, marketing events etc. Please stay tuned!

The following is the weekly report of Trias last week (Oct 08, 2019 — Oct 13, 2019):

1 Technical Development Updates

(Please notice the github link below, some users may need to get the permission from the validators in order to view the repository. Welcome everyone to apply for the Trias validator plan)

(1)Confirmed the improvement plan for the blockchain explorer

(2)Completed the design of consensus node blockchain explorer interface, which is targeted merely at the graphic computing in the Streamnet structrue

(3)Officially launched the first Hackathon — TRY New Ethereum:

(4) Launched Trias ETH demo V1 to the official website:

(5)Added the stress test interface and information to the memory computation part of Streamnet:

(6)Improved the ranking algorithm of the Streamnet:

(7)Added the ranking functions of the Ancestor nodes:

(8)Confirmed the Trias odoo sales module plug-in interface;

(9)Improved the key design of zero-knowledge proof;

(10)Fixed bugs found in testnet of hard fork:

2 Marketing Updates

1). Trias was invited to the Osaka Ethereum Lightning Talks

On 7th, Oct,Osaka Ethereum Lightning Talks, by ETHPLANET, a well-known global organzation supporting Ethereum, was held in Osaka, Japan during the Devcon 5. This event was supported by the Ethereum Foundation and many communities of Ethereum. Dr, Ming Wei, Trias CTO was invited to give a speech on “Using TEE to Solve Extension Problem of Ethereum”. The Talk was also attended by Vitalik Buterin with a speech.

2). Trias held Fintech Meetup in London

On 7th, Oct, the Trias London Fintech Meetup, jointly organized by Trias, BlockMania, CAFE UK (China Association of Financial Executives in the UK), was held in London and attended by financial and industrial experts, investment institutions, blockchain enthusiasts, media, and communities. Dr. Anbang Ruan, Trias CEO, gave a speech on “Trias: Building a Trustworthy FinTech Infrastructure with Blockchain”, elaborating Trias’ technical and industrial progress in Fintech and financial regulatory technology.

3). TRY New Ethereum Hackathon was officially launched in Oxford

On 9th Oct, TRY New Ethereum Hackathon was held in University of Oxford. This Hackathon pays tribute to Ethereum and aims to find solutions to Ethereum scalability problem by modifying Trias Leviatom Network, the Layer “-1” Network, which can support public chains such as Ethereum and improve 20x — 50x tps. The event was attended by graduates from Oxford and other universities, industrial experts and blockchain ethusiasts. Professors from the world’s top universities, founders of the top projects and opinion leaders will be the judges.

The Hackathon was supported by well-known communities, including Rebase, DoraHacks, OrangePaper, BlockPatch, BLOCKIZE and Wuya, and media, including Jinse, Huoxing, Lieyun, ChainNews, Bolian, Niushi, Benpao. The Hackathon was technologically and academically supported by Trias Lab.

Trias CEO Dr. Anbang Ruan, who was awarded PhD in Cyber Security by Oxford, gave a seminar on TEE technology and Trias’ efforts on improving performance and security of Ethereum, Hyperledger and other public chains before revealing the challenges of the hackathon.

4). PhDs from Peking University, School of Software and Micro-electronics Discussed ABE Cryptography with Trias

On 11th, Oct, PhDs from Peking University, School of Software and Micro-electronics, had a seminar on ABE cryptography and its industrial application and use cases with Trias team.

5). Trias CEO visited the City of London and Bloomberg

On 8th, Oct, Dr. Anbang Ruan, Trias CEO, invited by Ms. Ying Qian, the Head of Sino-UK Human Resources Association, held meetings with representatives from Bank of China, London Stock Exchange, Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, and investment institutions in the UK, in the city of London, discussing Trias technical innovation and financial applications. Dr.Ruan also visited Bloomberg and discussed its success experience in Fintech and data management.

6). Trias CEO visited Millennium Global

On 11th, Oct, Dr. Anbang Ruan, Trias CEO visited Millennium Global in London and held a meeting with head of technology and business analytics departments on Trias technical innovation and use cases in the financial industries.

Trias: Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems











TRIAS(Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems)

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Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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