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Trias Weekly Report (Sep 16 — Sep 22)

In this weekly report, we’ve got everything you need to know about what Trias was doing last week, including technical progress, marketing events etc. Please stay tuned!

The following is the weekly report of Trias last week (Sep 16— Sep 22):

First.Technical Development Updates

(Please notice the github link below, some users may need to get the permission from the validators in order to view the repository. Welcome everyone to apply for the Trias validator plan)

  1. Technical Aspect:

For all the community members, please notice: Due to the network reasons, all the Chinese community participants may encounter serious block missing and access denial issues when we are doing testnet nodes and services(wallet, browser etc). We aplogizie for this issue that cause errors. We have already contacted AWS server providers about this issue and will likely to get everything fixed in the beginning of October.

(1) Added the ERC 20 TRY token real time price notication featured on the mobile version Trias Wallet

(2) Solved several bugs on the moble wallet, mainly for the previous issue of access failure in the V3 testnet.

(3) Updated some community feedback on the text description problems on the mobile wallet

(4)Fixed the issues happended when TEE super consensus node ran in the V3 testnet: when running the Robustness test, the consensus layer will continue create block regardless the application made commit failure

(5) Completed and delivered the hardfork initial version testing tool

(6) Created a k8s main servier on the AWS, compated on Trias webportal with undivided namespace

(7) Updated the CI operating log in the Trias mobile wallet

(8) Changed the honey-pot section for the specific V3 testnet and updated the deployment file

(9) Fixed the blockage issue happed on the UXTO anonymous transcation;

2. Technical White Paper:

(1) Added the summary index table for the project documents, which enables people to view online via the link below

Second. Marketing Updates

  1. Trias organized the global tour meetup in Shanghai and Hangzhou

On September 17th and 20th, Trias organized 2 meetup events in Hangzhou and Shanghai. Trias Senior Algorithm engineer and Doctor Zhilin Hu from Tsinghua University did the presentations for the Trias community members. The topic of Doctor Hu’s presentation was called “The data privacy protection in Trias’s trusted public chain and its application in the DeFi field”. He explained how Trias can provide enterprise data privacy protection with blockchain technology in the practical use case. He also shared the solutions from blockchain public chain and its future development direction. Furthermore, Doctor Hu also shared the cryptogy research outcomes that Trias made together with Peking University School of Software & Microelectronics innovation lab, which cover the security analysis on the traditional cryptogy feature and improvements.

2. Trias Senior Algorithm Engineer Doctor Zhilin Hu participated in the online AMA activity

7:30 PM September 20th, joined the AMA activitity that was organized by BlockMania in their 20th edition. Doctor Hu shared the most updated news and outcomes in Trias. During this AMA event, there was also an live streaming in the Hangzhou meetup event. Docter Hu shared a topic called “Why DeFi’s Development cannot stay away from the privacy protection”.

Third. Community Activitity.

Last Friday, Trias Community did the second episode AMA session, with 50 people event capacity, 42 participants answered the Trias related question correctly and got community rewards. AMA session is the knowledge questing activitity initiated by Trias community. The questions are related to the project development updates. and will continue every Friday in regular basis.



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