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Trias Weekly Report (Jan 25, 2020 — Jan 31, 2021)

It has been a very productive week as always at Trias. We have never been this motivated before and we feel the best way forward is to keep building. In this weekly-report, we have updated from marketing events and technical progress.

Marketing & Ecosystem updates

1. Last weekl we published the article named as “Trias DAO Community Autonomy Framework” to better promote and implement Trias project communitization, and build Trias DAO community.

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2. After studying and judging the development situation of the current crypto market, for the sake of better development and healthier Trias ecosystem, we propose to adapt the new economic model so that to fit Trias’s future development strategy, product route and community construction, and truly adapt the current market trend of the encryption world. The specific adjustments are proposed as follows:

-The total amount of TRY will be reduced from 10,000,000,000 to 10,000,000.

-Adjust the token economics and improve the proportion of the mining part in the initial TRY token distribution scheme.

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Development Update

Technical Development Updates(Please Note: A screenshot of the GitHub submission has been added for all the changes that have been made. The permission from the verifier is needed to view the repository links that have been attached.)

1. Added the working mode of organization and orderer to Trias alliance chain.

2. Fixed the configuration related code in Trias-Fabric.

3. Added an interface for trusted chain to query the status of OAT Server. The status of OAT Server is obtained through ZMQ port.

4. Optimized Trias alliance chain and added confirmatory server configuration information.

5. Increased the heartbeat security check function to Trias alliance chain.



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