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Trias Weekly Report (Jul 6, 2020 — Jul 12, 2020)

It has been a very productive week as always at Trias. We have never been this motivated before and we feel the best way forward is to keep Building. In this weekly-report, we have updates from marketing events and technical progress.

Marketing & Ecosystem updates

1. Last week, we have held Trias TikTok Vlog Campaign. Tell us your stories with Trias on TikTok. If your vlog got more than 5 likes, you can win 5000TRY or 1.1~1.5 times APR in the next Staking_Auction( in which the APR will be 90%~126%). Join now!

2. The phase 1 of Trias trading competition on Daybit Exchange has ended and the winners has been announced today. The trading competition is still in progress, and participants will have the opportunity to receive a trading reward of 70,000 TRY. Join now:

3. The first team in Trias Community Hosting Campaign has started their hosting week. They will take over Trias official Community for one week, and plan to have some interesting events, like the Twitter retweet event. Hope you can support them and enjoy in their events.

4. Last week, we have held one more AMA in Trias Indian community. Trias CSO Kailing Bian was the AMA guest to introduce Trias and answered questions from local communities. With the development of Trias global community, more and more ambassadors joined Trias team and construct consensus all over the world.

5. The event of supporting Trias in listing on Binance DEX is still ongoing. The best 10 posts will win 5000TRY+1.1 times #staking. Register and log in, click “Reply” at the bottom to reply to Trias’ listing proposal, post your support for Trias!

6. Trias Global Ambassadors Program is on going. Now we have received many applications from all over the world and selected 10 candidates for ambassadors, who are from Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Spain, India, Philippine, etc. Welcome to apply and we are waiting more partners join us, especially for ambassadors from Russia, Turkey, Korea, France, Italy, etc. The applications of ambassador are now available until September 30.

Development Update

Technical Development Updates(Please notice the github link below, some users may need to get the permission from the validators in order to view the repository. Welcome everyone to apply for the Trias validator plan.)

**Please Note: A screenshot of the GitHub submission has been added for all the changes that have been made. The permission from the verifier is needed to view the repository links that have been attached.

1. Added he external configurable encryption algorithm interface defined by Trias alliance chain CA.

2. Trias alliance chain CA added unit test interface.

3. Fixed the occasional loss of heartbeat of Challenger confirmation service of Trias trusted agent, and added debugging information.

4. Added agent machine attribute acquisition function in Trias alliance chain black box.

5. Trias alliance chain added TMP cache optimization function needed by users.


1. Added community computing model of trusted metrics.




TRIAS(Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems)

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Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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