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Trias Weekly Report (Mar 15, 2021 — Mar 21, 2021)

It has been a very productive week as always at Trias. We have never been this motivated before and we feel the best way forward is to keep building. In this weekly-report, we have updated from marketing events and technical progress.

Operation Updates

1. Trias website has been updated. We have updated the content related to Trias token. In addition, the initial page of Trias DAO is added. With the continuous development of Trias DAO, multiple versions will be updated gradually. Check:

2. We have initially completed the development of the link bridge connecting Ethereum and BSC, and are now in emergency testing. Soon we will open it to community users to participate TRIAS liquidity mining.

Marketing Update

1. Last week we were invited to an AMA hosted by CryptoNation on March 15th at 01.00 PM UTC. Kailing Bian, CSO of Trias, shared the recent action of Trias. For those who missed the live session, this blog post will be a saver & feeder of knowledge for them.

Development Update

Technical Development Updates(Please Note: A screenshot of the GitHub submission has been added for all the changes that have been made. The permission from the verifier is needed to view the repository links that have been attached.)

1. The problem of whitelist compatible character set was modified in Trias alliance chain trusted verification.

2. The Trias alliance volume was modified to set the IP and port of CA instead of the setting that CA can only be accessed through the domain name.

3. Fixed the bug that the Trias alliance chain code was modified before and the genesis block could not be generated normally.

4. The trusted confirmatory part added the node gray list search interface, and the search parameters are consistent with the white list search.

TRIAS(Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems)

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Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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