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Trias Weekly Report (May11, 2020 — May 17, 2020)

It has been a very productive week as always at Trias. We have never been this motivated before and we feel the best way forward is to keep Building. In this weekly-report, we have updates from marketing events and technical progress.

Marketing & Ecosystem updates

1. On May 11th, Trias CSO, Kailing, has been invited to attend an AMA in Eyes Protocol community. Trias has partnered with Eyes Protocol before for a safe and transparent open source ecosystem.

2. Trias is going to list on Binance DEX. To support for this activity, we held an event that 1 best post will be given 20000 TRY reward each week.

3. On May 15th, Trias CSO, Kailing, attended an AMA in Satoshi Club to introduce Trias economic model and staking auction program, and the listing event on Binance DEX.

4. Trias’ first Staking Auction in 2020 officially ended. This staking was officially launched at 12:00 GMT on May 10, and within 3 hours after the launch, the hard top of 10 million TRY was completed. In order to support Trias’ listing on Binance Dex, the second Staking Auction is about to open, with APR of 120%.

Development Update

Technical Development Updates(Please notice the github link below, some users may need to get the permission from the validators in order to view the repository. Welcome everyone to apply for the Trias validator plan.)

**Please Note: A screenshot of the GitHub submission has been added for all the changes that have been made. The permission from the verifier is needed to view the repository links that have been attached.

1. Trias alliance chain added the function of query node monitoring data for blockchain storage projects, and queries the corresponding Elasticsearch regularly.

2. Fixed the problem that the restart of trusted computing remote authentication service of Trias alliance chain leads to packet failure and different packets repeatedly verify the same node.

3. Added fabric’s SDK compatible grpc interface in Trias world kit.

4. Added client test code of grpc in Trias world Kit.

5. Modified KV working mode by chaincode of fabric working module of Trias Kit API.

6. Adjusted the working mode of kV app to grpc in Trias kit.



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