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Trias Weekly Report (Oct 12, 2020 — Oct 18, 2020)

It has been a very productive week as always at Trias. We have never been this motivated before and we feel the best way forward is to keep building. In this weekly-report, we have updated from marketing events and technical progress.

Marketing & Ecosystem updates

1. TRY Blockchain Global Hackathon Series — 2020 Trusted Computing Hackathon will officially launch on 20th October, UTC+8. This competition will prove to be a challenge, an opportunity and a brain churning carnival for developers. Please stay tuned!

2. Last Friday, we have invited Trias CSO, Kailing Bian, to have an amazing AMA in our community( She answered some questions selected on Twitter, and introduced Trias’ near future plan. The following is the recap of this AMA:

Development Update

Technical Development Updates(Please Note: A screenshot of the GitHub submission has been added for all the changes that have been made. The permission from the verifier is needed to view the repository links that have been attached.)

1. Improved the relay network of streamnet go v0.0.3.

2. The dockerfile of streamnet go v0.0.3 is completed.

3. API modification of security wallet call library of Trias alliance chain.

4. Trias alliance chain launched a new sub project: Trias Fabric Automated Deployment Management.



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