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Weekly Report of Trias (Dec 16, 2019 — Dec 22, 2019)

In this weekly report,we’ve got everything you need to know about what Trias was doing last week,including technical progress,marketing events etc. Please stay tuned!

The following is the weekly report of Trias last week(Dec 16, 2019 — Dec 22, 2019):

Technical Development Updates

(Some users who need the authority of the verifier can view the following github links. Welcome to apply for the verifier program of Trias):

(1)Modified the policy of rescan the address to recover the wallet when the mobile wallet server of the test network cannot find the wallet data of the user:

(2)Increased transaction details optimization of block data, according to users’ feedback:

(3)Blockchain Explorer browser directly supports digital asset transactions of character type:

(4)Added detailed character type digital asset information of transaction list page;

(5)Supplemented the notes of privacy computing SDK;

(6)Added the queue working mode of go client:

(7)Optimized dynamic variables of voting number in streamne:

(8)Modified the problem of json parsing errors, which caused by the streament DAG returned null data :

(9)Perfected streamnet code annotation:


(1)Integrated the trusted enhancement part of Chinese version;



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