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weekly report of Trias(Dec 9, 2019 — Dec 15, 2019)

In this weekly report,we’ve got everything you need to know about what Trias was doing last week,including technical progress,marketing events etc. Please stay tuned!

The following is the weekly report of Trias last week(Dec 9, 2019 — Dec 15, 2019):

Technical Development Updates(Please notice the github link below, some users may need to get the permission from the validators in order to view the repository. Welcome everyone to apply for the Trias validator plan.)

1)Added adaptive string transaction branch on Chainportal:

2)Added the demo function of string direct transaction in the background script of blockchain explorer:

3)Added string transaction on the web side of blockchain explorer browser:

4)Repaired the problems of the privacy computing SDK found in November static analysis;

5)Add the status code and test script on the consensus layer of trusted super node ;

6)Added wechat alarm function of Trias test network:

7)Improve DAG module upgraded function of hard fork tool:

8)Optimize and summarize the application of K8S DNS in Trias test network:


1)Improved and summarize the trust enhancement part.

Marketing Updates

1、Dr. Anbang Ruan , founder of Trias, attended the 21st International Conference on information and communication security (ICICS 2019) on December 14, 2019 and delivered a keynote speech on “Trias blockchain and trusted computing”.



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