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Weekly Report of Trias (Nov 25, 2019 — Dec 1, 2019)

In this weekly report,we’ve got everything you need to know about what Trias was doing last week, including technical progress,marketing events etc. Please stay tuned!

The following is the weekly report of Trias last week (Nov 25, 2019 — Dec 1, 2019):

1 Technical Development Updates

(Please notice the github link below, some users may need to get the permission from the validators in order to view the repository. Welcome everyone to apply for the Trias validator plan)

1.Improved the way of UTXO account and signature verification in the November test, and called in the form of library file instead.

2.Modified the operation methods of influxdb monitored by test web.

3.Fixed random encryption, resulting in the problem that the transaction cannot be parsed.

4.Fixed some transaction interfaces of utxo, to be compatible with the new library loading mode.

5.Modified the cycle reference of Trias-Fabric.

6.Added Trias fabric listen-mode, which can be improved through configuration files.

7.Modified and perfected some test codes of Trias Fabric.

8.Improved the API of obtaining block size in Trias L layer.

9.Improved the code details of blockchain display in government projects


1.Perfected the detailed explanation of rRaft algorithm theory.

2.Modified the algorithm implementation principle of Trias bigchainDB.

2 Marketing Updates

1.Trias advisor Dr. Ning Wang attended the meetup of 「Blockchain, Enabling Fintech in the New Era」in London.

2.Dr. Ming Wei, Trias CTO, was invited to attend the second “China Engineering Procurement Conference 2019” and delivered a keynote speech.

3.Jiangxi satellite TV specially reported Trias blockchain service platform project in Chongren substation industry .

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