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Why Does Trias Have 3 Economic Models

Trias Economics 101 Recap(1)

Q1:What is token economy? Why does Trias design economic models for its three layers?

Blockchains has been unlocking the potentials and value of decentralized networks, not only in the form of technology, but also in terms of the way of production. Compared to a centralized organization, a crypto project radically allows its users to benefit from the value they create. Tokens represents the right of use and reflects the value of the economy. Tokens are programmable assets and a medium of exchange. Therefore, crypto projects, whether public chains or DApps or exchanges, and their tokens create a brand-new economic paradigm. This is a field worth exploring.

Trias, as a decentralized trusted cloud infrastructure and ecosystem for enterprise-grade applications, has been innovating in technology and products for traditional business clients to adopt. Each of its technical layer targets at specific problems and defects faced by the centralized cloud computing as well as the crypto industry. More specifically, Leviatom solves the ‘scalability vs. decentralized’ issues of public chains by integrating TEE and graph computing to ensure the correct execution of nodes and random rank of trustworthy nodes. Prometh solves the trust issues during the software development process and MagCarta during the application process by combing the technology of AI, blockchain and cyber security. As each layer needs participants, such as executors of Leviatom, developers of Prometh and enterprise clients of MagCarta, Trias has designed separate but coordinating economic models to encourage participants of the 3 layers to behave in a way altogether leading to the growth and sustainability of the economy.

Q2: What is the purpose of Trias token economy?

The main purpose of an economy is to give participants a tool and a guidance to participate in the building of the economy. Individuals and organizations participate in a token economy only if when they know they can get value of it.

The purpose of Trias token economy is to ensure the sustainability of the Trias ecosystem when participants taking different roles, such as chain developers, DApp developers, sellers of chain/DApps, clients of chain/DApps, can together benefit from joining the Trias network, not only from the innovative technology and decentralized infrastructure that Trias is providing, but also from a sustainable DAO that can fairly and efficiently keep the economy operating.

Q3: What has Trias accomplished in token economy?

By now, we have designed economics outlines for each 3 layers: Leviatom, Prometh and MagCarta. In each layer, 1) roles and rewards of the roles are defined; 2) economic incentives are designed to encourage the expected behaviors. For example, in Leviatom, computing device operators will get rewards by executing applications assigned by smart contract developers.

Also, we have launched the 2nd version of the MagCarta Economic Whitepaper. This paper introduced two parallel staking systems, the Franchise-franchisee model (for enterprises) and the Staking Auction model (for individuals). The 2 models help Trias to expand in the enterprise blockchain market and build a strong community, fulfilling the needs of enterprises and individual investors at the same time.

For more details of the MagCarta Economic Whitepaper 2.0, please check:

and the Onepager:

TRIAS(Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems)

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Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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